The Demise of Stanford University

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Ah yes, the lament of the lost animal houses.
Brings a tear to my eye with all this wokeism.


Love they put the band on probation


I guess it’s good to hear that Sigma Nu fraternity, in which I was active in college, remains the one big fraternity house on campus!

Stanford has a load of money. They are not going anywhere.


Back in the day at UH between the Sigma Nu house, Phi Kappa Theta, Sigma Chi & TKE houses, there was always a good party to go to and get into trouble. Bygone era.

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Is it true that UH fraternities used to have mansions on mcgregor?

They’re probably cheaper now.

Southmore or University Oaks

Not so much mansions, but yes large houses fit for animal house type parties. Sigma Chi and Phi Kappa Theta were both on S. MacGregor and TKE was was close by off of Calhoun. Sigma Nu built their new house on Calhoun making for a Greek corridor to make the party rounds on the weekends. And man were those some parties. Each chapter usually had a signature party (Phi Kap Bourbon Street & Sigma Chi Halloween Party for example) and there would be 1000+ people there. It all started to end in the early 2000’s when the University wanted to reign in the Greek autonomy and got them to move on campus.

Truth is during my time (97-02) the University (and athletics dept.) did very little to foster a campus spirit. It was up to the Greeks and their parties and Frontier Fiesta (at the old site!) to shoulder the burden to provide a fun campus vibe. In many ways Greek life was one of the only things that fostered campus spirit and kept UH from completely losing an entire alumni generation due to apathetic administrations.

A lot has changed and I’m glad there is more university sponsored campus fun. But Man, the the stories we could tell from those good old days.

Those were some awesome times. I have a lot of great memories from that time in my life at UH. Imagine how much crazier it could have been if football and basketball were, back then, what they are today. Also don’t forget PIKE. If I remember correctly I think they were close to the Phi Kap house.

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They need to turn Bayou Oaks into a Greek life only apartment complex instead of just housing a few fraternities mixed with people not in Greek life

I was friends with the guys on the swim team. It was great to go crash a frat party with them.

They like to bust up a few joints. And when I say joints, I am not saying houses (which they did) but joints as knees, elbows whatever have you.

Great guys those swimmers.

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