The Dream Had 8 Blocks

Against Villanova and Louisville in 1983.

Seven against NC State in 1983.

Last night’s block party was impressive. But no school record in a NCAA tournament game.


The record keeping for Blocks is a more recent thing.

Wonder how many The Big E had in 1968? Or Kareem while at UCLA?

Our actual records would have to be researched by reading old Newspaper articles.

We already know that Big E is our record holder for blocks. Just cannot prove it.


I knew Drem had more than 6 blocks in a tournament game. But great showing by Walker and Roberts. Impressive D changed the game

He also walked to school 2 miles uphill both ways in the snow.


Bare footed, too . . . . .


Blocks weren’t an official stat until 1985 but depending on the school some kept track of them before 85 I think UH was one of those schools.

Dribbling behind his back blindfolded

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