The End of an Era Tonight

Saban’s best assistants have gotten HC jobs just about every year. Yet, he keeps on bringing in new ones and keeps on winning. Whether or not they win tonight or ever win another NC, Saban will still have good teams.

CBY won SWC again in 1984 and left Pardee an immense amount of talent on D and O. CBY likely wins 2-3 more championships with his recruits. In fact, imagine a Veer backfield with Ware, Spoon, Kimble Anders…. Ed Thomas at TE. D had Latham, Warren, Oglesby, Johnny Jackson….

Our HOF coach was forced out by a weak administration and regents such as Ken Lay. The violations were minor.


You sure hate Alabama to wish that on them. :cowboy_hat_face:

Ok, a reason to cheer for Alabama

2022 after the CFP game Saban ditches O’Brien and replaces him and wins the CFP again. :sunglasses:

He’s billions and billions light years away

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Yes I am available for massive congratulations.

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Alabama will win the title next year and then Saban will retire

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Just as I posted above, there has never been a championship rematch where the team that won the first game won the second. That is why UGA was the favorite, revenge is a great motivator. I wouldn’t be patting yourself on the back too much.

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Georgia likely won due to Alabama injuries catching up with them at the wide receiver spot. Freshmen were pushed into action and dropped key passes with the game in the balance before the blocked field goal. If the receivers are healthy, you may of had a different game.

Yea, I feel terrible for Bama— uhh NNnnoottt.


A bit of a wrap up

It was a really enjoyable game with a 4th. Quarter going off like dynamite!

Good night, Nick. Don’t let the door hit you in the @ss.

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