The End of an Era Tonight

Georgia wins The 2021 National Title.

In 2022 Alabama does not win The SEC West. No CFP.

In 2023 Alabama does not win The Sec West. No CFP.

Sagan is 72 years old in 2023. He retires.

7 National Titles, most of any Coach. He retires as the Greatest.

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Or he wins and rides off into the Sunset. I get the feeling this is Sabans last year if he wins but who knows. What else would he have to prove realistically, and you have to figure the grind of the job will eventually start to wear on him.

I felt the transfer portal & NIL would hasten his departure to the studio

I don’t think that the job is much of a grind for Saban as he has the best of the best in absolutely every position within the football program.

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Just google the staff - literally all he has to do is show up and coach - everything is probably done weeks ahead waiting for him

for sure. feels like a machine at this point. it more or less just runs itself

Probably is alot of truth to this.

I’m usually loath to watch any game not involving us but I’m going to watch this one. Should be somewhat entertaining.

I’d kind of like to see Georgia win if for nothing else than to not hear from aggy that they beat the national champions.


or O’Brien forces him out and takes over the program.


Carl Sagan is dead and has been dead for almost 30 years.


I know there has never been a championship rematch where the team that won the first game won the second. However, there’s always a first time and this could be it. I know I would not bet against Saban, but this game is one I would just pass on betting at all. I just don’t know who will win, but will watch to see. Regardless, I don’t see Saban retiring.

I’m thinking the scholarship limit ran DKR off . . . . . and maybe others . . . . .

Saban seems ready to retire:


One thing I’ve never gotten right is guessing when a coach will decide to retire.,

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Or Saban and Alabama win the NC for the remainder of the ‘2020’s.

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He obviously meant Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

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How did Saban win all those championships? Aliens


Not sure where this take is coming from. I think that Finebaum turd predicted the end of Bama after Tua got hurt and Mac Jones threw 2 pick sixes to lose to Auburn and cost Bama their one and only playoff miss.

He was wrong. Obviously.

And I certainly think you’re wrong, too. Regardless of the outcome of the game tonight. Bama has more talent on it’s bench than any other team in the nation has on the field.

But, if you want to believe that losing one game to the best team in the country for most of the year will make Bama fall to pieces, it’s all you.

Just don’t bet on it.

Saban is the best ever. Bama will be Bama until he quits. And I don’t think he’s gonna go out a loser.

And just to put it out there… I think Bama wins. I certainly wouldn’t bet against him. And I sure as hell wouldn’t give any points for the privilege of betting against him. But, that said, if there’s one coach out there who could steal Saban’s shoes and walk in them, it’s Kirby Smart.

I look forward to the game. Glad Clemson wasn’t good enough to make it. Your take is better suited to them than Bama.

Go Coogs

I can’t wait for Saban to talk abt the Rat Poison after Bama wins tonight. You can already hear it, he’s going to thank the Betting Lines experts for making them 2-2.5 dogs for gm tonight. ItsComing

The obvious is obvious.

Other SEC schools are recruiting on Par with Alabama. And if below them not hugely below.Auburn almost beat him with Finley at QB.

In 2022 The SEC West has solid teams in Ark., A$M, Ole Miss, and Auburn. And LSU has a new Coach who quickly will reel in lots of talent.

After 15 years Coaches run out of steam. Their best Assistants get Head Coaching jobs. They get older. They start doing Aflac commercials.

Our own Coach Yeoman had 15 years of excellence(1966-1981). And then he didn’t.

Say good night.