The Fertita Center experience, 2021: Covid Boogaloo

Morning fellow coogs,
Lee here, your friendly millennial coog with a soft side for 8th wonder’s cougar paw.

I snagged tickets for the Memphis game and will be in attendance for the first time since November 2019.

Anything I should be aware of, covid mitigation wise? aside from wearing a mask?

Concessions? Gift store access? is Seatz still a thing? Better to pregame in the garage before the game?


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Pretty much the same except it takes a bit longer for the sparser crowd to get into the game. Shop and concession stands are open with spacing. Seats still an option. Most fans are conscientious with the mask issue, but hard to enforce with food and drink being so prevalent. All beer has been $6 before tipoff. :sunglasses: I’ve felt perfectly safe all year.

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This is exactly what I needed to know. Thank you

Seatz has worked great for me this season. Some of the concessions are stocked low and might be missing cotton candy/hot dogs/etc. but Seatz was always fast for me and had everything I ordered.

The mask police have eased up since the beginning of the season which is a very good thing


At first they were selling popcorn in big bags I could not finish. Now its in large boxes. Other than that choices are same. Missed only 2 games this year and those only because I was out of town. Parking was more expensive with the garage being the only option. But no big deal

thanks y’all.

I’m going to pregame in the garage at around 9. i’ll be the one with the UH gear on


Normally the garage doesn’t open until 1 1/2 hours before tip-off. You might want to check on that

All good. I’m in. Garage is open