The Forgotten Freshman — Emanuel Sharp Isn't Getting the Hype, But This Pure


We are absolutely stacked this year. Top to bottom. Ryan Elvin could even come in if we’re in the worst pinch and spot up for a shot. Insanely deep.

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I don’t think the coaches have forgotten about him


I could tell from the title this was a Paper City article


Would’ve liked to have his scoring in the Nova game last season…

But hopefully this season proves it was worth not burning a year of his eligibility to use him last year.

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Man I am hyped knowing how good our starters are and bring weapons off the bench in Sharp, Arceneaux and Roberts.
If we need to make any changes or have fouling issues there is Wilson, Walker and Francis.

Speaking of walk ons… Dont forget Armoni’s brother…


I’m borderline on thinking that deserves its own thread. Would be cool to have him here…and even better if he earned a scholarship.


He went to a juco I think

Damn… Oh well best wishes to him.

I haven’t seen anything on walk ons

He would of benefited from coach Bishop’s strength and conditioning program for 1 or 2 years and practice against big time talent in practice to measure himself on what he needed to work on his game. Then he could of had transfer to smaller division one school because he has talent.

Wish him the best regardless!!!

Of all recent seasons, being in the starting five will have less meaning this year !

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He wasn’t ready to play. No way.

Ive heard Sasser was. Coach didn’t wanna take a chance given his foot injury. In a way im glad because he came back.

Coach did the right thing.

I hope Emannuel has the type of season that makes the “experts” look silly.

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