The Freefall has Begun

Baylor getting housed at home by TCU.


Way to go, Froggies.

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It started last week.

Sooo the froggies are providing free accommodations at the local Waco Motel6 for the cubbies … eh … (:wink:)

I believe the proper choice is … “hosed” … though I would have preferred getting their patooties altered permanently.

I sometimes wonder how some here ever got passed English 102 at the Cullen Bldg. :sunglasses:

Word on the internet is that some cubbies fans were selling t-shirts praising AB at the game … AND … a TCU fan began taking pictures of this and was arrested by either campus police or the corrupt Waco police.

“Getting housed” is a common slang that means getting destroyed, but excuse me. I interrupted you making yourself look foolish.

WELL pardon my unfamiliarity of current “common slang” … I am old school and take words LITERALLY …

But don’t fret … most of us old timers won’t be around much longer and you will have to deal with younger generations someday who will call you to task about not being familiar with their “common slang” … then you will look foolish

but I unfortunately won’t be around to laugh at your misfortune.

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The foolish part wasn’t the fact that you didn’t know the term. The foolish part was calling out someone’s education, even sarcastically. Additionally, I’m not young.

I’m a man! I’m 40!

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Yepp … and an intelligence expert for the AF for 11 years … being an ex-Navy ANYTHING intelligent coming out of the air force was few and far between … but I will grant you flying wonders were intelligent at the easy life for military personnel and you had the best PX Exchange on Hawaii back in my days.

40 is young to a lot of us.


I’m under 40 and haven’t heard someone use ‘Housed’, if they do it is because they read hosed misspelled on twitter.

What is this post about? How to water your plants at home? I have sprinklers for that.

via – “Completely destroyed. Beaten down like the ‘the man’ beats people down. As in, ‘I just beat you so bad, I took everything including your house.’ Think repo man.”


I heard Johnny C went to the Ritz and got Hoes’d

Uhhh … in my ole neighborhood we use to call that making a point THE HARD WAY …

What ever happened to K.I.S.S … keep it simple … stupid …

The new generation has made it so complicated that we from the old ways have already finished the task back home and relaxing while the new folks are still trying to repossess someone’s house.

I can guarantee you it came from a typo just like pwned, which was a typo on owned.

I don’t think typo… I have heard housed for years, but it’s been a few years. I always assumed it was short for “taken to the house” but not sure. Besides, “hosed” is more like getting scroomed

Getting “housed” sounds like BS. Much like this p!$$!ng contest. Man, y’all are bored.

Bored clearly. I’ve never heard of ‘housed’ and assumed it was a typo as well. Also, pwned did spawn from typo. Easy to do with the p and o right next to each other.

That was pure CYA. My wife teaches 7th grade so I texted her to find out if she or any one in her class ever used housed that way. Nope, not a single one. But they all knew what it meant to get hosed - that’s what Popo does behind closed doors.