The Fruits of Houston’s Tanking



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We are following the rules. What’s the beef? Particularly when there are so many instances of breaking the rules to get a competitive advantage.


What I love most about Houston redshirting King and Corbin is that everyone is talking about Houston redshirting King and Corbin. And if we surge in 2020, they will talk about it more. The more they talk about it, the smarter Dana looks and the more relevant UH becomes.


Great post! Thanks for sharing.

Its not tanking if you dont receive a better draft position. Oh wait… there’s no draft in college football. We don’t even have a shot at the national championship according to most. So, whats the “tank”!?! Dumbest narrative ever.

Rebuilding is not a negative strategy. It’s recognition of your current situation. It’s planning for future success in lieu of your situation. It’s the right strategy. Dumbass, click baiting hacks write this trash. There’s a reason why these “journalists” are writing and not coaching. Or, running anything. Laughable.


Exactly…tanking implies loosing intentionally. What CDH did was manage his personnel for the betterment of the individuals and the program going forward.


If Saban or one of the college football powerhouses took a similar strategy these same know nothing pundits would label it genius.

It’s worth repeating that it’s nothing new. The year before UH entered the SWC, it only won 2 games. Everyone, not in the know, was thinking “how in the world are they going to be able to compete in the powerful SWC?”.

Well, what happened? All of Yeoman’s red shirts became first stringers, went to Austin and beat the Longhorns 30-0, ending uta’s 42-game streak without a loss at Memorial Stadium. Then proceeded to win the conference title and Cotton Bowl.

So, I look back and call that strategy. HOWEVER, this time, it is key that D’Eriq returns.


Do we get another year of King with an upgraded roster since he decided to redshirt?

Any and every cfb player gets 5 yrs to play 4. Now they can take that 1 yr rs at anytime. The playing field is even. Any team player can do it. In pro sports teams are INTENTIONALLY throwing games in a race to the bottom for a lottery/top 10 pick. There is no comparison.

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We threw the season so that King could come back and play with a much better roster. Against a much easier schedule. Not sure how this is even up for debate.


We did not. The NCAA changed the rules. We saw an opportunity to rebuild in the players 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. Thus taking advantage of the 5th year option. We decided to rebuild. Every team/player can do the same.
WE DID NOT INTENTIONALLY LOSE ANY GAMES THIS YEAR. That is the definition of tanking.


Did we “tank” last year when we allowed a perfectly healthy big ed to fake his injury?

Right. I guess we put our best players out there to win last season. Oh, wait…

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If we “tank” last season, why did the players play their hearts out? We did it so much so that we were in practically every game until we would run out of gas (due to lack of depth).

Coach took over a program that was not well maintained. He did what he had to do. I look forward to 36 RS players coming back a year bigger, stronger, and in the “system” along with those that missed due to injuries and the bunch of transfers that played the Practice Squad all year.

Might be epic!


Swing and a miss. Im done with this. If its within the rules its not cheating. Tanking implies cheating. Period.

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Lmao. Where does any rule say that tanking is cheating? If tanking was not allowed, then why do teams still do it? That was a foolish statement. Be better than that, bro.

We did nothing different than what NFL teams that tank do. They get high draft picks. We get a top 5 QB back with a much better team around him. It’s really the same.

You are forgetting the part where King looked terrible through four games last season. He needed a year to improve in the system.


I’ll absolutely buy that. And definitely a great counter argument.