The Goat is Retiring-- TB12

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I’m not crazy about his demeanor but have to respect his record.

Tom Brady played for 22 years in the NFL, seven Super Bowl rings and the media “steals” one of his life most precious moments? What gives? If there is one NFL athlete that should have called it a career on his own term it is him.

In my life I have seen the greatest Football Player (Brady), Basketball Player (Jordan), Hockey Player (Gretzky) but not the greatest baseball player (Ruth) unless of course it is Mays, then I have seen the greatest baseball player.

Don’t forget gold, with Tiger Woods.

Yep either Jack or Tiger.

Heck throw Carl Lewis in there for track.

We have seen all of the great ones.

Don’t stop there you are on a roll…you’ve seen the greatest boxer, greatest hockey player, greatest soccer player, greatest generation,…

Can I finish for him :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grin:

You are right. Pele, Mohamed Ali, the WW2 generation… Yep it is all down hill from here.

Did Gordie Howe get clipped by W. Gretzky ? Or can we call it a tie for #1 in ice hockey ?

Isn’t it interesting or telling , that during our life, we have the greatest this, that, and the other.
We couldn’t be biased could we ?

Recency bias? Sure that could be true.

Brady v Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Walter Payton…I still think Brady wins that.

Jordan v Kareem, Bill Russell, Bird, Magic, Dr. J…I think only Russell is as good.

Baseball … I think its Ruth. But it could be Mays, Aaron, DiMaggio. I dont think anyone in the last 20 years would be in consideration.

Hockey it has to be Gretzky. Howe, Orr, Crosby and Mario were great but they weren’t Wayne Gretzky.

For a long time I thought Joe Montana was it…
but it’s not even close at this point. Brady is the
GOAT…and maybe forever.

I’ll go with TB also. Tony Banks former Texan QB great … :face_with_hand_over_mouth::smiley: