The Great Baylor Cover Up

Baylor seems to be employing a strategy of laying low and just letting the sands of time cover up this mess. Statements by both Starr and Briles seem to be seeking sympathy instead of the contempt and anger they both deserve. I can only imagine the Big 12 propaganda machine is working overtime to assist Baylor. Every statement by Briles gets more disgusting.

But you know what? It seems to be working. Yes, Baylor fired the big names but all the coaches from the team are still drawing pay checks.

And, course, we read another front page story in the Chronicle basically calling Briles and Starr liars. Whatever strategy Baylor is employing seems to be working. Pretty soon Fall practice will begin and I’m sure the vestiges of this horrible tragedy will be completely swept away. #Baylor

The coverage will ebb and flow in my opinion. It will pick up again in July and August.

Think Baylor will settle out of court with all of the victims?

NCAA and DOE have yet to have their say.

Penn State has the blueprint. A good portion of what was taken away initially has been given back

1.Stay quiet, lay low, wait for the outrage to die down,
2. In a low key manner, lament how the poor kids are being affected by all the negativity.
3. Start asking quietly to get some things back "for the kids"
4. Pretend that nothing happened other than a witch-hunt

Ya haven’t watched very many WWII submarine war pictures … eh …

The technique is called … “Run silent … run DEEP!!!” :worried:

And when one is being depth charged to oblivion … one normally does not hold loud celebrations on board the boat.

the cubbies are no doubt in forced hibernation. :relaxed:

Or you could fart loudly and make a bunch of whale sounds.

Pictured: the blueprint Baylor is following

The religious governing body (Southern Baptist Convention?) cant be pleased

Baylor is governed by Texas Baptists, for what that’s worth. And since that is “local”, it has the possibility of creating incestuous relationships.

Take that to another level. Baylor is actually a respected educational institution. It’s not Rice, but it’s on par with TCU and SMU. Of course this holds true as long as fundamentalists stay away from the science department. And yet they worshiped an idol, football. They sold their souls to beat Texas basically. Now what kind of people do that? Well, we’re starting to see.

And it keeps getting worse.

We’re going to see more and more victims continue to come out. That place needs to burn!

This is crazy. What started out as a true crime story is morphing into straight up horror.

I thought the thread would be about tarps. Wow, was I wrong!


AGAIN … no football rules OR any other sports have been violated … so the NCAA hands are STILL TIED.

All we are observing is the Baylor campus was/is still turning into late 19th century London when Jack the you-know-who resided and every foul creature from the Penny Dreadful novels … existed

Maybe during Holloween night folks can visit the cubbies campus instead of those made up freak houses.

(we definitely need that :sarcasm icon from the ole board … :relaxed:)

Just heard on news in DFW, that additional people have even fired/disciplined. And for some strange reason , those names will not be made public.

Just check in on the Scout/OU board. The forum on Baylor’s scandal has over 1000 posts. Check it out: OU I’m guessing there are other Big 12 schools with similar threads. There is no place to hide for Baylor. Might as well hang it up.

Here it comes.

Any second now a huge sinkhole is going to appear and swallow all of Waco, ridding us of that cesspool.

Sooo according to CowChip the cubbies BofRs will vote to reinstated AB or not.

Baylor BTW has 42 BofRs!! (everyone but the kitchen sink or anything still floating on the Brazos river … the kitchen sink was too busy to get involved) appointed by each other apparently.

Four of the 42 are none voters. So 20 of the 38 will need to say … yes.

UH has 10 BofRs BTW … appointed by the governor of the state.

I think BU’s regents are appointed by the Benjamins. I’m curious as to just how this will play out and if Briles will be back in 2017 when this will have died down. Yeah, there will be some renewed flare up when he returns; but the actual football season will drown it out. I think that after all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, CAB will be back on track in 2017. Ain’t life a funny thing?

If he comes back, all it would take is for one accusation (even if handled correctly) to cause a big flare up.

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