"The Great Texas Football Rebellion" - Southwest Conference Revisited - SA Express 2005

In the spirit of UH’s first Big XII schedule being released yesterday, I am posting some clippings from 2005. Revisiting the SWC 10 years after it folded along with the XII as of then. Enjoy!

The Great Texas Football Rebellion [Article]

Slipping away: Arkansas’ jump to SEC the jolt that demolished matchstick SWC [Article]

Power brokers: How tagalong Baylor, Tech crashed the revolt [Article]

  1. High ante, high expectations: Armed with bucks and bravado, Longhorns, Aggies relish super-conference stakes [Article]

  2. With the politicking over, much still to prove [Article]

  3. With rejection comes reflection: Owls make baseball pitch while UH still seeks athletic relevance [Article]

  4. Two private schools beset by poor timing: Frogs were out of clout, while Ponies were just out of jail [Article]

Other articles in the collection:


As always, very well-structured, well-documented & informative post. :+1:

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Very interesting quote from Bill Carr, one of UH’s Former AD’s during the SWC Days

"Bill Carr, the Cougars’ AD a decade ago, contends that the only reason the SWC invited UH into the fold in the first place was to put limitations on them, to prevent the school’s success as an independent in football and basketball from overshadowing theirs.

That attitude prevailed in the formation of the Big 12, Carr said.

“It’s an extraordinary move, when three state universities take that action and leave behind a fourth,” Carr said. “That did irreparable damage to the University of Houston.”

Much of the damage UH did to itself."

Kinda feeds the narrative I see a lot of ppl peddle on here, but as a newer Coog, I can sort of step outside the bubble and can also see how UH did some harm to itself, in some ways.

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