"The HOUSTON hype is real."

from Yahoo Sports:

(http://from Yahoo Sports: sports.yahoo.com/news/roundtable-what-surprises-are-in-store-for-2016-203612704.html)

Beat OU!
Eat Em Up!


Stoops like Herman gives the opponent respect. It boils down to which coach has convinced his team can they can win. I like the fact this game does not keep UH from doing what it needs to do and that is win the west and host the championship game.

1-0 BABY!

I agree. OU has far more to lose with a loss in this game than we do.

Who cares, this game matters regardless of what is being said…we need this one more than OU…

I agree DK. OU could lose to us and still make the CFP if that is their only loss; we don’t have that luxury. We will still have a lot to play for if we lose (NY6, expansion) but CFP dreams are up in smoke with a loss.

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