The Houston vs Auburn Matchup

He is Poor Man’s Tramon

How nice that this is on Turner Broadcast Station whose offices are in Atlanta, right down the road from Birmingham and Auburn. Stacked against us.

Roman god of fire. His Greek counterpart was Hephaestus. We’ll get it right eventually! :wink:


As the MOB once told us (at Robertson Stadium), “You can’t spell DUH without UH.” :rofl:

I booed the hell out of them but I have to admit I still get a chuckle about it after all these years.


Are we expecting Sasser to play more than the 14 minutes he played Thursday.
With a hobbling Shead no doubt we are going to need help off the bench.
Probably going to have to get a few minutes out of Francis. Just hoping him and the rest of the team can stay out of foul trouble.
I like our chances. Go Coogs!

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Broome needs to get heavy dose of the Monster and I’m not talking about the energy drink.

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Not a 9 seed in the first round. Absolutely ridiculous!


How sweet it is.

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Those blocks by Walker were embarrassing for Auburn.

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