The Kick: Stick it in your pipe and smoke it!

So many memories.

It’s the night Matt Hogan became a legend. And the night that Tom Franklin added a new phrase to the Cougar lexicon.

Relive the crazy finish in Tulsa from 9 years ago. The Kick.


Fantastic write up, Ryan. That was such an incredible game! I remember feeling like crap when Keenum got sacked on that 2 pt conversion attempt. I can’t even imagine how hard Hogan’s heart must have been beating as soon as we recovered that onside kick. What a game!


You didn’t mention it went into that upper window that was open.

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Great write up, Thanks Ryan.

i remember it like it was yesterday. freshman year. i was watching it at my house. it was late at night too when Hogan kicked the gw fg. i screamed and jumped loud as hell.


I was at that game and we were booing Tulsa players and their obvious “injuries” so loudly that a little girl in front of us with TU parents began to cry, asking her parents why we were so mean. Sorry kid, that’s the breaks. When Hogan kicked the field goal our small group of Coog fans were raising the roof. Not a big UH crowd but some traveling band members made it to the game to contribute to our cheers. On the way out of the stadium the Tulsa crowd was dead quiet. Shhhh

I listen a lot to the radio and I miss Tom. It’s not same without him! Not sure what happened.