The kid from Jesuit

Was he ever on the radar for UH. He is really fast. I do wonder if he has peaked out potential wise.

Ran the 400m and long jump at Strake Jesuit… no other sports… started running the 100m back in February to prepare for relays and by accident. Has dropped his 100m time by 0.5 secs in only six meets.

Georgia followed him early before everyone else…

I love his last comment.

who is “they”? Has he committed somewhere already? I can’t think of anywhere I would want to be other that UH being coached by someone who has been there in an elite level.

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He’s committed to Georgia.

I think his Dad graduated from SMU.

How did UH track let that big fish get away?

He was on the USA 4x400 U20 national team last year so I doubt UH wasn’t recruiting him for awhile too. Sometimes kids want to go elsewhere for college. Georgia won the NCAA outdoor team title last year so you can’t fault him for going there.


He could have gotten world class elite instruction for sprinters right here. Good luck to the young man, but I think he missed out.


One of those: “The grass is greener on the other side” fool!

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Its amazing that this caucasian boy is beating everyone in a race (100 meters) where its been dominated in the past by african americans. Kudos to the kid. Wish him luck in Georgia and in the Olympics (Tokyo 2020)

Georgia defending national champions in track so he’ll get great coaching.

Boling is also the valedictorian of his class at Strake Jesuit. That dude is destined for great things.

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I think his twin brother is actually the valedictorian.

Recruit the brother…lol!

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