The Last Jedi

Yes… it’s that good folks. It’s a masterpiece. I thought i’d like it but was stunned at how good it is. Don’t let anyone spoil anything for you.


Is it a repeat of episode 5?

NO! It has inspiration and nods to all the other films, but this story is original.

Not watching it. Thanks.

You want a repeat of V?

I want originality

It is original, he really expands the universe. He nods to the other films, but does not re-hash. It’s fantastic. I like the Force Awakens but didn’t like it was basically a remake. This is NOT a remake.

Definitely NOT a remake. I enjoyed it.

Didn’t even seem like two and a half hours.

I absolutely loved it, can’t wait to see it again. I got to see it in IMAX and that was something special. I’m not an automatic Star Wars junkie, hated the prequels, liked Forced Awakens, but didn’t think it a masterpiece. I think Last Jedi is a classic.

I enjoyed it and I didn’t like The Force awakens. If the best of the earlier films was The Empire Strikes back then I would say that this is # 2 for me for all of them replacing the original one for that spot.

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This is the worse peice of Star Wars crap I’ve ever seen. It’s as bad as “Midicholorians” and Jar-Jar Binks. Not gonna rant on it yet as some people may not have seen it, but for Pete’s sake.

@MajinCoog, I am not really clear on how you feel about the movie? Sorry you didn’t like it. I couldn’t disagree more. Rotten tomatoes 93% fresh rating, seems most are digging it. And I was one who hated the prequels. And thanks for not divulging spoilers.

That’s the critics rating but take a look at the fan reviews.

#spoilers in this link

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#again spoilers in this link

But if you’ve seen the movie or don’t care about spoilers I recommended you watch this.