The Masters

Go Santiago and go Freddy!

Go Coogs!

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Unfortunately, our two UH representatives didn’t make the cut.

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I really don’t want to jump the gun on this but Scheffler looks like the second coming of Tiger. I thought the same with Speith, but Scheffler’s demeanor and insane focus is second to none right now.

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Apparently Scheffler does not generate any fan enthusiasm. In that regard he is nothing like Tiger Woods and more like Jordan Spieth. Two privileged rich boys from Dallas that are good at golf. That was one of the most boring Masters ever. :sleeping:

So you conclude that Scheffler’s career will be more aligned with Spieth’s rather than Tiger because:

A. He’s white
B. He’s privileged
C. He’s from Dallas

It’s science, right?

D. He’s boring

Tiger was a generational talent.
Scottie is just now having his first child.
Scottie’s dedication to faith and family is top-notch.

Is it though? I’m leery of celebrity Christians…

World’s top golfer Scottie Scheffler visited this Dallas bar after win at The Masters

Scheffler has only played in 16 majors so far.

He has two wins, three more Top 3 finishes and a total of ten Top 10 finishes. That’s insanely good.

In Tiger’s first 18 majors (6 as an amateur), he had two wins and seven Top 10s.

When Tiger won his 2nd major, the floodgates opened. He would go on to win six of the next 10 (overall 7 out of 11). One of the greatest runs ever. He’d win six out of 14 a few years later.

The problem is with golf overall. The players used to be more relatable. Tiger was taught by his Dad and grew up on a public course. Now, ALL of them are richer than sin after the LIV deal (which essentially brought NIL to golf). They aren’t playing to make a living. They could all retire tomorrow. So the stakes are low.

Before LIV/NIL, the Tiger boom brought a ton of money to all the players. It affects them. This is why you see a Speith or Koepka or McIroy break onto the scene, win a few majors and then fade. Once they win a few majors, they are set for life and the rest of the competition is too good if you aren’t absolutely focused. Hell, Rickie Fowler has never won anything of note but has more money than he can ever spend.

So it will be interesting to see if Scheffler can keep this up. He’s off to a great start.

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First it was “he’s boring” and now he’s a suspect celebrity Christian. Did Scottie ruin your Masters pool or something?

The talent and technology Tiger brought to the sport; there’s no way prime Tiger wins 14 majors against this generation IMO. Look at the shape all these guys are in compared to the guys during Tiger’s reign.

Golf is an absolute grind and I see both sides of the LIV way versus the PGA way. People are blaming players for being selfish and wanting that paycheck, but all that traveling, playing five rounds a week is the old way of doing things. The PGA did not listen or change with the times and newer generation.

And now here we are with a completely broken system and only the majors are bringing the best of the best to the field.

It sucks.

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Fredy’s swing is epic

I actually was pulling for Scottie to win the Houston Open. I’m glad he came to play here. I was watching Live from The Masters on the Golf Channel where the announcers were talking about how unpopular Scottie was with golf fans. I was hoping somebody would have challenged him on Sunday. That was so boring. Then on Monday I read this headline in The Dallas Morning News about the bar he celebrated at. I’m sorry but I just expect Christians to walk the walk. It’s not the end of the world.

What does going to a bar to celebrate winning the most prized tournament in golf have to do with anything?

We’re talking about a golf tournament; not Scottie’s level of commitment to his faith.

Matthew 7:1-3

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Pretty sure Jesus came to the rescue at a celebration when the wine ran out…

Alcohol in and of itself is not a sin. Heck, some of the best German lagers came from the monasteries as a substitute for bread during fasts.

I remember Tiger from his days in Cypress, Los Alamitos golf days. Since his late Stanford days and then PGA time you can see how he bulked up. Did Tiger use PED’s? This has been talked about for many years.

If he did more than likely other golfers did too. We were not too far off from the baseball doping era and lance cheating in the Tour. Even with PED’s you still have to make putts. Tiger was unbelievable on the greens.

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Just mind boggling.

In 2008 at the age of 32, Tiger Woods walked off the 18th at Torrey Pines with the US Open trophy, his 14th major title and 22nd Top 3 finish in 46 major starts.

He would go on to manage only four Top 3 finishes in majors. Just one win.

Here’s what he looked like that summer in 2008. Fit and muscular to be sure, but not jacked up like he is now. If he did steroids, they probably started after 2008.

Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 2.47.46 PM

I was just a few away when he won. If he did ped’s it would have been before 2008. Compare his Stanford pictures to his first three years on the Tour to just 10 years ago.

I saw a lot of coog UH hats at the masters this year. It really caught my attention.