The Michigan Match-Up

How i think we match up to them

Overview: they are deep in talent, they have an endless supply of guards that can score, and lets not forget the strong 7 footer they have that could play point guard if he wanted. they have the 5th best odds to win the title

our offense vs their defense- this is a very unique match up as houston hasn’t played a team like this all season.

  • their best defensive guard is Zavier Simpson, he is 6’0 (aggressive defense like corey davis), he will be on gray most of the game. we haven’t played top level defensive guards who have been short, no clue how that affects rob. every good defensive team we’ve played had tall guards
  • their 2 and 3 are more lengthy 6’4 and 6’6, the 6’6 can’t keep up with with corey or galen but might give brooks problems, since he is more stationary. the 6’4 is a good defender but not shutdown
  • they have two 7 footers but rarely use them together…the 4 they have on the floor is normally never big 6’7 or 6’8… they aren’t physically down low at all, they just use their height as a deterrent (stand straight and rise their long arms and don’t move right before any contact) if we can score around the size we we’ll have points in the paint.

Their offense vs our defense-

  • their guard play on offense is extremely similar to wichita state, tons of guards with offensive potential, lots of tall SF looking to be fed easy layups on crossing patterns …playing wichita 3 times will play to our advantage
  • they have a 4 who is one of the best 3 points shooter in the nation, their center shoots 40% both are basically guards, Devin can guard either, not sure any other big can guard them especially in the open court, their will be 2 on the floor at a time …not sure how that will work

we should outrebound them, they only have 1 tall player on the court, and he likes to shoots 3s and be help defense on guards (not in the paint), he also isn’t physical…we should have a rebounding edge

their defense is so good because it works as a unit, when 1 is beat help defense is always comes…this might actually be an advantage for us with good ball movement it means someone will find themselves open

things that happened last game that could play to our advantage:

  • galen made a 3- you have to guard him (easier for him to blow by you)
  • everyone thinks our team is all gray, he will be the defensive focus, little emphasis on others . there will be a anyone but gray mentality even if it means doubling. leaving room for others to shine. we’ve dominated good teams with little contributions from gray before

lol i just watched the pre game presser they also pointed out the similarity to Wichita state