The Miracle is What?

Good, keep them in Cali


How sad and desperate is it for a governor to buy a billboard to try to convince his own constituents to not move out?

Is it something that you will have ever thought possible ten years ago?

What a low life, scum bag of a human being to exploit a tragedy like this?

“It’s not known who’s behind the billboard, but it’s capturing the attention of many who go by the intersection in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood.” Someone didn’t read the article


Hope it’s effective

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If that’s all it takes let’s put up more

Well…we know Ozzy isn’t moving here.

Y’all do realize that Californians moving here are mostly coming here to get away from CA, right?

No one is coming here to take over or change TX. Stop being so paranoid.

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That’s who the libs align with…crazy Ozzy