The new reality in College football

I am stymied that anybody couldn’t read the tea (leaves) no pun intended…Even after King’s family put a shot across the bow of the ship and King’s backup became a hero for Florida Gators :crocodile:. UH needed to protect financial position in tickets,donations, and merchandise etc. that might be affected. King was being a good Coog and waited until the championship to be real. $$$$… These guys got a great course from Herman in Capitalism and Brand management when he left them hanging. We aren’t a destination yet

So the “new normal” is that UH trains coaches AND players to be taken by high $$ establishments.

I wouldn’t say there is anything ‘new’ about that normal.

Besides, we don’t give it a second thought if we were to pick up a skilled transfer (or coach) from another school.

I don’t really understand the OP post.


That kind of brand management seems to come at a high PR cost. Everyone except Thammel hates Herman.

We are still a stepping stone program but so are most P5 schools. Ask Baylor.

The bluebloods are the destination schools for coaches and players but players usually leave those programs if they are not starting.

Also I’m trying to find the unintended pun

Maybe leaves… like tea leaves and leaving via portal?

We’ve gained more than we’ve lost from transfers over the years. It’s how we got King to begin with.

I don’t think the “writing was on the wall” in that I am not at all convinced that what King did was actually in King’s interest. If it wasn’t a personality conflict with Holgorsen, I think he got some bad advice. I’m not mad at him for leaving, though I don’t think his timing was him being a “good coog”… we would be better off if we’d known sooner. Even there, though, I think the timing indicates that he didn’t know what he was going to do. It wasn’t in his best interest to wait as long as he did, either.

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Those who were convinced King would return to play for Holgorsen were delusional. Sorry I am just an old Life Member

Why insult fellow Coogs to make your point?


Point taken. I am just an old Life Member from Yoeman era.It seems we can’t get a program started without some consistency. Somebody has to build a wall around this metro area to some degree.

What I was referring to was situational destiny that looked obvious for a player wanting a future. Opinions are now insults. :thinking:

I don’t think I made a Pointed reference To the loyal cougar fan base. I just said anyone.

Is entering the portal the same thing a transferring and being enrolled? What if King does not like the schools that offer. Is there no chance that he could do another 180 and enroll at UH.

I have no love for Herman. I hate the Texas logos. Texas is Back

Me neither. Don’t the OP realize we could have had Halen Hurts last year?? We ARE a destination school.

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He can always take his name off portal list and ask CDH to accept him back. Probably not happening though.
That’s why i said over month ago that as long as you have eligibility left grad transfer or not you have go through UH compliance office n they get it started etc. It’s A Process!!!