The Pass Int on our #8

I keep hearing all say that we got screwed on that play in 2nd half vs Cincy. I keep watching the replay and I see PI every single time. I heard the explanation from the announcers (and expert) but still think 8 got there too early. A stop there and the game would have been different. Sucks for us…still not as bad as okie lite.

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poor soul…you must new here…good luck with that argument…

You’re not wrong. It was a PI and it got called. Sometimes we get away with it, but not this time. It was just a really costly penalty.

We would be screaming if it was the other way around and it didn’t get called.

Not really an argument - just an opinion. Everybody has one.

Looking at it objectively, there were numerous pass plays with more contact that were not called. While you might opine that this one was PI, you couldn’t honestly say it was called consistently.


This play made the CFP show’s top 10 plays that changed the CCGs game. It was #5. Even the hosts said it was a little suspect. I think what made it questionable was the fact the flag wasn’t thrown right away. If you had no doubt it was PI there should have been no hesitation. We’ve all seen more PI that wasn’t called. Jones is very disciplined. I don’t think he’s had a PI called on him all season, I could be wrong though.


100% correct…… the other thing is if you are gonna call PI on that play then you would call 20 a game….to me it falls short of the threshold to throw a flag.


Pass interference used to be called differently. They allow more contact between players before the ball arrives than they used to. It’s become more subjective, thus, allowing the refs to use their discretion. Which causes suspicion when calls aren’t consistent. There were many passes that had more contact than that play, and none were flagged.


It looked like PI to me, and I’m a huge Coog homer. The funny thing is, if Jones had looked up for just a second, he could have easily knocked the pass away, since it was thrown a bit behind the receiver.

Watch the replay of the TD pass against Jones when he was in man coverage. The receiver gets separation by a push on Jones in the EZ.

Sometimes they call offensive PI on it. Sometimes they don’t.


By the letter of the law it’s PI, but it was a pretty ticky-tack call in a big situation. I personally would say let 'em play there if I were neutral, but throwing the flag was equally valid.

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Okay rules expert. Believe it or not you are allowed to contact the receiver. His hands do get there early, but they are allowed to be there, as long as them being there early is not impeding the wr from trying to make a catch. e.g. if he were to pull the wr away from the ball or contact his arms, etc. I side with Dana that it was a bad call in a huge moment of a game that was letting the DBs be physical on both teams up to that point. But a championship team needs to be able to overcome that.


The real story is that going down 8 right there is no big deal. Throwing an interception on first down inside your own 30 to go down 15 within another minute was killer. Nobody was rattled by Cincy driving and scoring. Putting the D right back on the field and going down 2 scores when you’ve been playing ball control threw the entire rhythm off.


I don’t think the PI call is made if it was not 4th down.


Yep. As I remember it, there was contact before the ball got there but it wasn’t interfering with the receiver’s ability to catch the pass. That is why the ex-ref commentator said he would not have called it.


I saw that live… He definitely pushed Jones on that TD… And there was a ref right there if I remember correctly.


Also I missed this during the game, but this is a pretty egregious pick play that allows the TD. The outside wr basically crack blocks Jayce rogers

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I lost count on the holding penalties on UH not called.

I’ve seen turnstiles more effective than 76

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I’m more intrigued that you refer to Marcus Jones as #8 than the actual take in the OP.

As for the take, in college a play like that is almost never called as PI. The flag coming late just made it worse. In the NFL it might get called a little more frequently.

That play changed the game, but Cincy was the better team and was at home.


Interesting that he made first team all-conference. I thought he might be the best of a mediocre group after the center, Russey, but I wasn’t really sure. I know the starting LG was pretty atrocious, and the RT had huge problems with pass protection. We really need to find some guys from the Portal and/or juco ranks to come in and play next year. I don’t want to solely count on development of the linemen we have coming back.

Yeah, the PI call was pivotal, but our inability to handle their defensive front was the clear difference.