The power of being on espn

I’m here trying to find World Cup action and it’s only available on FS1 all the way up on 1208 on Comcast. I’ve become accustomed to sports being in the 630’s and am only up in the 1200’s specifically for the World Cup.

So if the AAC doesn’t sign a deal with ESPN I’m pretty sure the casual tv watcher is going to forego the search.

As as many cable cutters out there, cable is still king for watching tv and most people are probably as lazy as I am to press just 3 keystrokes vs 4.

In a sport, like college football, where public opinion plays such a huge roll having a good relationship with the biggest bully pulpit is very important. ESPN is by far the biggest bully pulpit in college football.

Having said that, we need money.

In the Houston market Comcast is showing the World Cup on 601 and 609,
FS1 and FOX

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press c on the remote and you can get a sports guide that shows all the sports by group and even the scores …from there you can simply navigate to whatever you want to watch…you don’t need to know the channel


As much as we complain about them, ESPN has been integral in the rise of the American Conference. Look at the MWC and how they’ve bounced around contracts while losing clout to the American.

I would probably take less to stay with ESPN instead of a few million more to go to another network…unless that network was truly committed to showcasing the AAC on their main channels.

27% of Houston TV’s watched Germany/Mexico on Sunday. Granted 22% was on Telemundo, but frankly I don’t think the game pulls that much bigger a number on ESPN. I think exposure and channel selection is less and less important as people cut the cord. People that want to watch your game, will find your game. I expect the next American TV contract to be about the $$$ and not exposure.


ESPN+ will hurt AAC exposure big time if that’s their plan.

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