The Price of an Easy schedule and other thoughts

pezmens inability to schedule and conference schedule luck has put us in a predicament…

last year’s schedule was one of the easiest schedules in the schools history, not only in opponents but in home and away advantage… Dana isnt on the hotseat because we were “ranked” just last year (from record alone)… but with any meat on the schedule last year, we are having a different conversation…

for example: 4-8, 3-5, “8-5” , and 1-2 and we are probably talking firining Dana at the end of the season… we are 4 years into the Dana era, and a 6-6 auburn (who had numerous players opt out) and a smu (who was in the middle of a collapse) are the only 2 wins of note …we padded our stats and now locked with a coach who might not be the answer

other thoughts:

  • how do you have a 6 minute drive down 3 scores in the 4th… we are an offense that is derived from the air raid and cant play hurry up? this is like the going 1st thing in overtime… im like “what are we doing”
  • the team in undisciplined but more importantly i hate how they quit…by early 4th quarter they had already resigned themselves to the loss and the energy on the field wasnt good… winner fight to win till the last bell, i didnt feel that
  • my biggest red flag in evaluating a coach is if he can’t properly asses his own team, and how good theyll be…holgerson just 3 weeks ago thought this team could be undefeated and mentioned how we could replicated what cincy did… this team isnt good, how could he not see that…i dont mind struggle as long as the coach expects struggle. it’s like penny hardaway saying memphis would win the national title and then didnt even make the tournament. when coaches start talking up how special theyll be and not how the team needs to improve, and then ends up bad, i tend to lose faith in that coaches evaluation skills

The good:

  • I think there is an overstatement of how bad our defense is… its not good but not as bad as it looked today, i noticed this last year, belks agressive defense is weak to running qbs, every qb we’ve played the last few years with wheels has torched us (ie USF last year)… we play few qbs with true running ability the rest of the way… its like when we had Ward, teams that were too aggressive were punished
  • This schedule is bad enough that i think we still end up with alot of wins …and many here will just put the blinders back on

We put 5 guys in the league last year. That team was bonafide good, and thats tough to replace.

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we have ducked UCF and Cincinnati, last season as well. only thing I can think of is ranking means more than getting real experience before making the move to the Big 12. Maybe they think a good ranking can bring in recruits from the city, but after a game like today i doubt those guys who took visits will be here next fall.

not good teams put players in the league all the time… but to be clear never said last years team was bad… even in my example i had us 8-5… we lost to a bad texas tech, and took a not great auburn to wire (despite opt outs). repalce rice with oregon or oklahoma st… and have cincy in the regular season and no i dont thnk the record stays the same

It takes two to Tango. UH has to have big teams wgowant to play us and usually teams have been known to want one offs at their place and not one for ones.

also this quote is SO INFURIATING

it portrays it like we were just playing oklahoma and we are playing out of our weight class… if you told me a coach in year 4 said it takes time to compete with the likes of kansas and bad texas tech, i would have said we should fire them


not to this extent…pezmen has been here since 2017 and not scheduled 1 notable nonconference this entire time …the texas tech series we played was scheduled before him…

every other team in our league is getting games, and rhoades was getting games right when he left (like oklahoma)…our schedule is either intentional (what i think it is)… or pezmen himself (not the school) has trouble convincing teams to play us

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Except the team Dana inherited and transitioned into the Big 12 was beating Oklahoma, Georgia and Clemson a few years before and was having multiple 9-10 win seasons. He took over that program and then proceeded to drive it into the ground. They are in a much worse place than when they entered the Big 12.

I fear we will have similar results.


This has the Levin and Applewhite feel. Ultimately that’s how it shakes out. When media companies start writing about fights in your program, add one or two bad losses, you are done. Dana is done.


I just don’t see how RK and Fertitta can have any confidence that DH will make us a winning program in the Big 12. The fans have never been behind DH really. I don’t see RK standing for 20-25K attendance and 3-4 win seasons in the Big 12. Now if we somehow don’t get a bowl this year DH is toast. He will never see another B12 game again.

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He talks almost like he is on the outside looking in and just realizing there is a problem. He clearly doesn’t do the legwork and assesses things on the fly. Lazy Dana ain’t going to cut it. We have seen enough.


for all the discourse we are having about firing dana, its not going to happen… not matter how bad it looks… even at a full season collapse

his signed an extension a few months ago

The buyout to fire him after the season is 19million… (all pay through 2025 & 60% of 2026-2027)
pezmen single handedly sealed our faith with Holgorsen for atleast 3 more years

scheduling a joke schedule for him, then GIving him a contract like this…that is almost unfire-able… any talk of another coach is meaningless.… pezmen should be ashamed…

at the end of 2020 the majority of the base wanted him gone, he has one good year on a weak schedule and he locked him for 5 more years at an insane pricetag, making him unfireable