The Ringer MMA Pound-for-Pound Rankings

Not having Gane or Jones in the top ten. Shameful.

Win v Bones and Gane must be in their next ranking.

Loves Bones and look forward to March 8th v Gane but almost 3 years w no fights. ( Feb 8th 2020 in Htown)

Few families of athletes like the Jones.
Arthur - $20 million + as a DT, won a Super Bowl.
Chandler - Oakland Raiders. $76 million as a DE/LB.
John - MMA.

If Jones wins he hits the p4plist. Cyril probably doesn’t if he beats Jones.

Jones does it for being jones, but his last fight, at Toyota center a couple weeks before Covid, was not impressive. But then again, he wasn’t motivated and he was bored and probably thinking about cocaine.

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If Gane beats Jones then you can put him in the top 10……but he certainly doesn’t deserve it yet.

Well, that was easy.

Jones Vs. Stipe on November 11. Hope cinci is a day game.

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No depth in the heavyweight division….this is just a pay day for Stipe….Jones will be like -1200

Heavyweight is struggling. In the amateur ranks it is hurting as well. I train with guys that are animals but they have no one to fight. The good heavyweights cannot get mediocre heavyweights to show up and fight. Then they work their ways through organizations like Fury and Legacy without a struggle. Then they get to ufc and are exposed not due to a lack of fundamentals, but due to a lack of ring time against developed fighters (see Juan Adams and even Derrick Lewis when he first came up). So the old guard of heavyweight fighters are a brick wall for the up and coming fighters even though they are all almost 40. But what always makes the heavyweights fun is that one punch ends it like no other division.

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I love combat in just about any form.

Late 80’s a buddy of mine moved from Oklahoma to El Paso….right before our sophomore year.
He had won the state title ( 145) as a freshman in Oklahoma….he got me into it despite not knowing anything…this kid did not lose ONE match over the next three years in Texas….every summer he was up in the Midwest at different camps.
He wrestled at Minnesota in college and then finished just a place or two away from the Olympic team.
I made regionals(160) my first year and state my junior but lost my first two matches.
Didn’t wrestle my senior year because I already had a really nice piece of baseball scholarship and did not want to have to cut weight( back then I was a natural 170)off and on all winter heading in to baseball.
But to this day I love wrestling and MMA.

I started Jiu jitsu with the thought I would get that out of the way real quick and then fight in a cage. I was 32. I haven’t stopped since. Picked up my black belt 3 years ago when I was 42. Competed in all sorts of stuff. Love it. Did 2 smokers in my late 30’s and sparred and trained a lot of middle weight and light weights at our old gym. Caught a couple concussions around 40 and hung up the gloves. Never had a sanctioned fight. I started training catch wrestling a year ago to tighten up my stand up. But at 44 and turning 45 in august it takes a little more to recover these days.

Well that sounds really cool.

Well I’m 50 so when MMA even came into my consciousness I was old.

Even that little bit of wrestling has come in handy a few times over the years.

I’m really excited to see how far Nickal can take it.

Reminds me a lot of that friend of mind with just how confident he is….

I witnessed him take out a guy at least 70 pounds bigger than him one day….pulled a double leg and speed bag the guys face until he was pulled off him.

Have you ever had to use your training?

I have used it one time. I try to never put myself in a situation. But one time a guy just didn’t want to stop. Typical ‘I fight on the streets’ guy. A major part of a fight is cardio and adrenaline. Most people will never know what an Andre in-line dump feels like. They also have no idea that after about 15 seconds that dump takes away all your cardio.

He learned both. I am a big guy. I am 230. He was relatively the same size. He went from ‘oh you train’ to I want to fight you over the course of about an hour at bar. Typical take your shirt off guy (doesn’t do much for your back skin when you are on the ground). He hit me in the back of the head and I dragged him immediately to the ground. Put side pressure on him, tied his arms up and made him apologize.

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And Bo is special.

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