The Season that was for Houston Football

This season looks a lot different if Houston somehow beats a two-win Tulsa and a five-win Tulane. Until someone fully invests in the flux capacitor, we only have the 2017 results to ponder. The Tulsa loss was inexcusable. The Golden Hurricanes used the 45-17 blowout as a springboard to five straight losses to end the year.

The Cougars were driving for the go-ahead score when a 4th and one pass, at the Green Wave 32, fell incomplete. Good teams don’t give up 45 to a bad Tulsa team, and they don’t toy with Tulane and fiddle themselves into a loss.


The Cougars could do for another running back that’s game ready as well. You can never have enough these days, and the past two seasons Houston’s been running on fumes in November.

I think we need a JuCo or grad transfer Olineman and big-bodied RB. Someone that can bruise and soften up a good run defense.

Overall, this is a very fair write up, and I think it’s completely correct to say that the Cougars underperformed this season.

Fair assessment but he left Kelan Walker off the list