The SEC is looking into playing alone this year

Could be interesting if the other conferences don’t move forward on things. Right now, I don’t say the PAC-12 playing football this fall.

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I absolutely could see this. The Big 10 is the question mark.

if someone drops out…add UH please…we’ll play :smile:


SEC is in the warmer south with more conservative/libertarian governance. They have a bunch of NFL prospects that will not play in the spring and risk being bruised up or injured for the combine and NFL season in 2021. SEC will play this fall. Fans TBD. Not all schools likely to play like a Rutgers, Boston College and maybe Cali state schools. Some teams will likely play less games if some opponents don’t play. Possible schedule changes. Special 1year bowl eligibility rules to fill bowls. Serious 2nd wave could throw things off kilter or even cause cancellation of season while still going.