The State of Texas, the next Battleground

With the increasing wealth of the B1G, other CFB conferences are falling further behind in revenue.

I believe the ACC, PAC 12 and B1G are going to look at the state of Texas for new revenue. That means they will look to add schools in order to park their conference networks in the state and start collecting premium cable subscription fees.

The B1G already has their network in Texas but they are not collecting premium subscription fees.

Which Texas team will be invited where? No one knows but the Texas market is rich with opportunities for conferences ready to take that next revenue jump.

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I agree that the great State of Texas is a hotbed for football and has the eyeballs to support expansion into the State by one of more conferences. Unfortunately, UT is the lynch pin and nothing will happen until they show their hand. Once that happens there will be a mad grab for the remaining market share. We should be part of that expansion but will we? I would hope so but years of disappointment prevent me from going there.