The State of the Coogs of CV3: Spirit, Social, Clothing!

Hey y’all! We added a few new things to the website recently. We are open to requests for other items.

Updates since last year:
Grew from 8 chat members in March 2019 to 170 in Spring 2020. On track to reach 250 by the Fall. Out of the 170, roughly 30-40 show up to events consistently, while the rest fill in or spread around the stadium during sports events.

We are now a rotation for Trash Can Man at Fertitta, and have fully brought back custom newspapers for the ‘Who’s He!’ tradition! (we are giving a few of these out once we figure out a way before the rest go on the store for fundraising the org).

We painted the Statue of Four Lies for Parent’s Weekend to raise awareness for the Cincinatti game. Dr. Renu Khator posted about it on Twitter! This was an example of a spirit mission. Another one included using computer programming to send out joke-spirit emails to create a sense of ‘How’ within the student body.

We updated the website with other shirts and all. This includes the UH version of the Barstool Flag for Saturdays (Saturdays are For The Coogs), a ‘Calhoun’s Rooftop’ Jersey (Rooftop All-Star!) and the hand signal for Womp Womp, no lyrics included. Other things were made upon request. All proceeds from the site go towards fundraising the organization for future projects!

Our Instagram page has grown and been updated: @coogsofcv3, while our Twitter page is lagging behind.

I just graduated and have passed the organization on to new leadership. As the Coogs of CV3 was made to be a student and alumni organization, I am stepping into a chair/founder position to keep with the mission of making UH a spirited school while off at the Evil Empire for a year.

Now to ask y’all for next year. Given the uncertainty of sports and/or a full stadium, this will give us time to either start in 2020, or ramp up even more for 2021. I am currently trying to join the UHAA Student Involvement/Spirit committee.

What changes would you like to see in the student section? Any chants, traditions, cultures, or more? We’ve been recognized for our antics a few times by commentators, but we want to see things from y’alls day/y’alls vision in a student section (or alumni section!)

Any custom alumni-demanded shirts/items you want to see?

Feel free to comment below! Thanks!


I apologize in advance… what the hell is coogscv3?

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Congratulations on your graduation from our great University ! I am a life Alumnus . When the statue of Judge Hof went up I suggested for home basketball we put up a sign on or near the statue . It would say something like " opposing team name - You have been judged as inadequate.Come and take your punishment." Use any words you like but you get the concept . Go Coogs .



So we are a spirit organization n campus that started in 2018 as a funny nod to ‘Cougar Village 1, Cougar Village 2’, then Cougar Village 3 was… nonexistent. So we declared that the student sections and lived there.

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That’s Awesome !!! March on, and
Go Coogs !!!:paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:

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