The Texans

Can we trade the McNair family?

I’m not even surprised by their decisions anymore…I almost expect them.


Seriously considering taking my fandom back to Tampa Bay where it resided after the Oilers left town

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Best thing about being an expat… My closest professional football team are the Chiefs. It’s pretty sweet frontrunning right now, I’ve been the biggest Chiefs fan in the history of fans since like 3 years ago.

But jeez the Texans are a trash organization. Shooting straight to the top of the crappiest ownership in all of sports real team and movie teams.

I thought I was going to get to do that with the Rams. They are the closest team to me (along with the Chargers) and went to the Super Bowl the year I moved here. Unfortunately they haven’t kept it going and I guess have failed to capture my imagination since. Lol

I would never leave the Astros or Rockets but I’ve never been more than lukewarm for the Texans.

Did something new happen recently?

I’m tired of the McNairs, as well, but just wondering if something just happened.

They hired a coach today. The passing game coordinator from the Ravens who where last in the NFL in passing


I see. Just pulled up the Chron.

Very strange. I guess I’m not surprised.

That being said, he’s going to be a head coach now. That’s a different job from a coordinator or a position coach. It takes different stuff.

But I would have felt a little better about it had I even heard of the guy–once–just once.

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…are a dumpster fire. Nothing surprises me with this organization any more. They’re a failure and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

I was in Baltimore, but hopped back on with the Texans after rooting for the brand new Ravens team for a couple of years… To top it off I was at that game in Baltimore (2019) where they whipped our butts.

It is time for us to start winning and heavily advertising in the hispanic market. If we can even partially get the hispanic market to embrace college football (instead of the NFL) our attendance issues could be gone.

They suffer from the curse of Case. Every team that cuts Case Keenum gets worse.


No doubt this is a bad hire, but I think this excerpt explains it.

The 65-year-old Culley, who has been an NFL assistant coach for 27 years, was the Baltimore Ravens’ assistant head coach/passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach. Perhaps more importantly, the Houston Chronicle’s Aaron Wilson has reported that Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson built “a really good connection” when Culley coached Watson in last year’s Pro Bowl along with the rest of the Ravens staff.

The Texans are a complete cluster.

The Texans are becoming the LA Clippers when Donald Sterling owned them.

This is the most curious head coaching hire in a long time.

Culley AND Lovie Smith???


I’m terrible at predictions, but here’s what I think: This guy will be here two years, max. Especially if Watson gets his desired trade, this team is going to be absolutely abysmal. This guy is essentially a sacrificial lamb, who will enable the team to lose so badly, they ensure great draft picks over the next two years, which the next coach will get to enjoy…hopefully.

In other words, he’s the Texans’ Bo Porter. Like Porter, he probably deserves better, but this will be his lot in life. Texans’ fans can only hope the end result is as good.

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aaaaaaaand Watson wants out lol.

looks like that “really good connection” he had with Culley wasn’t that strong.

dumpster. fire.

The Texans are not good, their stars want out and they have no draft picks. So the best choice for this job is a 65-year old career NFL-assistant-never-a-coordinator guy? At least Hugh Campbell got Warren Moon for the Oilers…

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I wonder if Culley is the only guy that they were able to pay a bunch of money to, for a HC title on his resume and be the whipping boy while the Texans sell off anyone with a pulse for draft capital.

Unfortunately for the GM, even if he is the best he will still be hamstrung by ownership and more important Jack “The Con” Easterby.

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Cal McBidwell

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Nah we’ve past Bidwill and Snyder territory, the Texans are into Sterling and Dolan levels of incompetence.


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