The tradition of losing 4 starters

After 18-19 season: Galen, Corey, Armoni and Breon Brady left

After 19-20 season: Hinton, Chris Harris Jr left, Mills (transferred early next season), Fabian (injury, played limited minutes the following season)

After 20-21 season: Jarreau, Grimes, Gorham and Gresham left

The tradition must live on.

The amount of turnover, year after year, can’t be easy. Credit to this coaching staff


Fabian White started every game for the 2019/20 Coog basketball team. He was injured in off-season in April/May 2020 n came back to play the last month of 20/21 season n into the Tourney.

Edit: also Mills left during 20/21 season n enrolled at FSU for Spring semester I do believe.

No I agree. Fabian didn’t leave the program. But I’ve heard Coach Sampson describe it like that. That they “lost” Fabian last year.

Played pretty good in the tournament games.

@Jess22, I’m just quoting CKS. I’ll find the video, but it’s Coach Sampson, who considered the Mills transfer and Fabian injury as “lost” starters.

They did lose Fabian for most of last year. You said he was injured in 19/20 season, your off a year. Same w Mills he left during 20/21 team season not 2019/2020.

Your missing the year. That’s all.

Edit: nothing to do w CKS statements etc, you’re just off a year on both players.

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I’ll change my post. To make things more clear

Mills does not start for Florida State and he does not have to play defense.

Mills has started every single game for Florida State this year. And year in and out they’ve been one of the best defensive teams in the country under Hamilton.

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