The Trifecta is Achievable

We could have a 3000 yd passer, 1000 yd rusher and 1000 yd receiver.

The last time that happened… 2008 - Case Keenum, Bryce Beall, and Tyron Carrier.

Tune is sitting at 2712 yds passing.
McCaskill is at 790 yds.
Dell is at 965 yds.


Listened to the last radio show and coach joked that he might have to call more slow things down to keep the school rushing record (for a freshman) for Beall. Dana mentioning Beall’s a TX high school coach these days and DH joked about wanting to keep Beal happy for recruiting. Barring THAT, I think we’re poised to see some big numbers.


Looking at average numbers, this is entirely possible for Tune and Dell.

McCaskill will need a lot of rushing opportunities to get it. 210 yards, so just give him the ball when UCONN can’t defend for crap and we’re on the other side of the field and boom, have at it.

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UH has 3 more games to play so McCaskill may well exceed 1,000 yards rushing as a freshman.


i don’t see it happening for alton, he’s not playing in the 2nd half vs uconn

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And there is a great chance all 3 are back next year. To go along with Trahan.

We could be returning 9 starters on offense. Would be incredible.


Maybe Alto gets 100 in the first half. He has 2 more games to breach the mark.

Agreed. Next year can be the best year for Cougar Football since the 2015 season. Though this year is still not over and can be equal to the 2015 year. But the returning talent for next year can poise us for Cincinnati like year.


Who was the OC back then?

Agree, wish we had Notre Dame on our schedule.

We lose a ton of seniors after next season, we will be young 1st year in the big12.

So the CCG and Bowl Game would count for these stats in a season?


That’s why we need to win the title game this year and go back to back in '22.

And then to top it off.

Haven’t mentioned Parish, Jones, Bankston, and Nwankwo as our starting DL. Are you kidding me??? With Nelson Caesar as that 5th guy in the rotation.

Mutin, Nunnery, Robinson at LB. Lose no one in the safety room.

CB will be the biggest question mark for me next season. Since we lose Marcus Jones and Damarion Williams. But I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Art Green and Alex Hogan. Those two will probably be taking over for our two departed CBs.


Not to diminish this achievement, but I can’t help but remember those R&S feats. In the same number of games (11) the 1989 team had a 4699 yard passer, 1146 yard rusher, and 1689 receiver. Ridiculous.

And for those who don’t think you can have a high scoring offense AND a great defense, that defense allowed 13.6 points per game.