The triumphant USA is now producing more oil and gas than any nation ever has

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This is fantastic, especially with the Biden admin trying to impede the industry

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Yet, it happened under the Biden administration.

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Yes, that’s my point. It is impressive that the energy industry, especially in Texas, is doing so well with an admin actively trying to impede them.

Drillers are more savy as well.

How much is a gallon of gas in Houston?

$3.09 in Spring Branch.

All those EVs helping the US be a net exporter of petro products.

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Hardly…oil companies have thousands of unused drilling sites. They don’t need more, never did, and this proves it.

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Did you even read the article that Duce630 posted to start this thread? This is stated factually there.

Are you unfamiliar with the definition of the word “hardly”?

The Biden admins efforts have basically just been to stop them from having more drilling sites.

This is hardly impeding production as they always had more possible sites than they needed. Proof? Record production numbers…you know…the theme of the article.

PS the author simply can’t help their bias language including claiming Obama didn’t know he was allowing US oil exports back in 2015. That’s a complete lie. He absolutely did and signed the bill after getting some concessions in return.