The War on Drugs

Sorry to disappoint if anticipating politics. This is a music thread.

Does anyone listen to them? I heard them many years ago when AXTV and Palladium used to show great live music on Saturday Nights. Anyhow, fell back on them while listening to Delta Spirit and Paper Kites.

They did a great live show on Austin City Limits last month. Pretty darn good. MTV and the general state of music makes me said for the most part, but this is ray of hope. I hear Dylan, Straights, Money, Seger, Browne and others in the sound. Even some 80s. They are about my age (mid 40s), so feels nice contemporaries make relevant music,

The War on Drugs - In Chains - Live - YouTube

Whole Concert:

The War on Drugs - Pain - Live - YouTube

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Never heard of but will give a listen.

Very good group. Saw them a few years back at WOMH. One those bands that sound better in person than on vinyl……or any media.

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Never heard of them, but today I decided to listen to several song tracks on ITunes and enjoyed their cool sound.

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