The Weekly Brew Ep. 93: UH AD Hunter Yurachek talks #HTownTakeover; RotoWire’s Michael Rathburn talks Astros, MLB

Did Hunter mention “Cougar High” when talking about our history at 34:13? Man, that really shouldn’t be coming out of our AD’s mouth, even when you’re trying to talk about the progress of the university.

Also said that Herman was close to leaving during that first year, guessing he meant the South Carolina rumors…that Herman has denied ever happened. Mentions later that he had to privately raise $1.6M for Herman’s extension.

Basically confirms that Sampson isn’t going anywhere and his goal is to get Houston back to prominence.

Otherwise, Hunter basically just sounds like a UH Athletics press release. Don’t mind that when talking in front of a crowd or in a press conference, but it would have been nicer if he loosened up a bit with these guys. He does a little bit at the end when talking about students/athletes coming to UH, but it’s just for a bit. You can tell he’s passionate about the student athletes.