The Wrong Word

Curious how Catholics here view this wrong word used in Baptisms by a priest.
The word “We” was used instead of “I” by one priest for about 20 years. Is this
a big deal to you, would you redo the ceremony, do you consider yourself a
cafeteria Catholic, etc ?

Not sure what the Code of Canon Law says exactly, but this seems awfully legalistic to me.

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What would @Jesse22 do?

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How the heck did you know , I was a practicing Catholic!! :thinking:

Now that is cause for concern. Not all that other baloney. :smile:

You don’t have to be to anything to give advice.

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:joy: :joy::joy:


I am a cradle catholic and pretty active in my parish, this is about as silly as it gets and potentially hurtful to the people he has baptized that have died. Are we really going to tell the family of people he has baptized that their loved one’s original sin was not wiped away and therefore they are not in full communion with the lord? I love the catholic faith, it is immensely beautiful on so many levels, but we can be really silly at times. We believe the lord can wipe away any sin and right every wrong, so I suspect he can fix the fact that the priest used we and not I.

Say 5 Hail Marys and go forth and sin no more my son.


This 100% :100:.

One of the few posts , i agree w you over here on the Satellite. :wink:. Now go help your Man- Chris, little concerned for him. :unamused:

LOL, yeah you and I don’t see eye to eye on everything. But your posts are well thought out and entertaining.

Now that I know you are Catholic, I have priests and nuns in the family, they must know somebody that can get you excommunicated. :slight_smile:

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Still practicing, former altar boy (recitation in Latin), this is simply stupid.

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I already have my people looking for you. :grinning:

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It is a critical error bc Jesus gavr Peter the keys and said whatever you do in my name , it will be done. He basically said to the apostles, you are given authority vs we. The priest needs to act like Jesus which he wanted vs the we thing.

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Thanks all for sharing the comments and views. As a protestant, I’ll refrain from making any comment about the execution of this sacrament , but I’d be curious how he got “caught” , was it a rival, was he warned but continued to use the wrong formula, how did it get escalated, etc ?

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You guys are worried about a single word.

I had a bacon double cheese burger. I am the one that is in real trouble.

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I know your joking about the cheeseburger. Jesus said he was the son of God vs I’m just a prophet which then was handed down thru scriptures etc. Our constitution says “we the people” vs something else. So I think that the priest should do what they tell him according to doctrine. The Protestants have certain words they use that people have to say and believe to be saved.

Good sir, as a connoisseur of bologna I can’t let that slide

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Seems out of character for Jesus to stop a crowd from stoning an adulteress but then be caught up on a baptism ritual because “words matter”. If Jesus doesn’t care, then why should we.

It’s not Jesus you have to worry about, it’s old St. Peter. That guy is a stickler for his paperwork.

What’s that? I’m not aware of it. Perhaps certain denominations have specific words to prayers for salvation but I’m not aware of it. You can’t lump all Protestants together.