Theater of the Absurd - Underdog Dynasty

Depressingly correct.

He’s talking about the AAC but the same absurdities apply to 58 of the 65 so called P5.


I stopped reading at: “Samuel Beckett, winner of the Novel Prize for Literature in 1969…”

Any author who can’t even refer to the Nobel Prize correctly doesn’t deserve my effort to read.

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That’s ok…all the writer wanted was your click.

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I picked up a work of fiction . . . . . character in book stated . . . . . Sitting on Galveston Island, watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico . . . . . put that book down and have not returned to it . . . . .

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That’s a heck of a good trick. Spent many, many weekends on Galveston Island west end and never saw the sun set over the Gulf. It always set over the Bay.

If you overdose on Viagra, do you die hard?

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Sounds like a very hard way to die.

You would be a “stiff”.

with a vengeance

Maybe not but your new nickname will be “Woody”