There Are Programs and Then There Are Programs!

A year ago we attended the tournament games in San Antonio and suffered as the Coogs lost to Villanova. Well, guess what? UH is back and they aren’t. Last night Nova lost to Liberty in the first round of the NIT. Their season was 17-17. What a credit to our program.


There’s a reason Wright retired

Yes and losing Collin Gillespie and Jermaine Samuels hurts too. Combine that with a new coach and Cam whitmore, Justin Moore being out with injury for most of the season.

Villanova is a good program and every team goes through some tough years. I understand that we are doing well now but don’t forget where we were 10 years ago. Don’t take this for granted. We could easily have some injuries and lose some guys and struggle.


We’ve obviously had injuries, and usually replace 3-4 starters annually

I heard Mike Krzyzewski on his radio show yesterday refer to us as a “program,” as a very specific distinction. Not just in passing. He credited Sampson with building a program.

Said that we are one of a couple of favorites if Sasser is healthy.


Yep. Nova had about a 20 year stretch (1985-2005) where they were not very good. Wright came in there, got them to four final fours, and won two national titles. That doesn’t happen overnight. Nova is not the kind of program that can just plug and play. Its an upper crust, suburban, private Catholic university, even more so than say Georgetown or Notre Dame.

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Let’s not boast on things that would have resulted in the same result. Without CKS, Coogs would not be where it is now and lot closer to Villanova of this year. Jay Wright is a legendary coach, impossible to replace him like it is impossible to replace CKS. Let that sink in.