"They will see things they haven't seen on tape"

I’m still puzzled by that Dana quote from week 1.

Maybe the missed XP. That was new.


Maybe we are holding the playbook for conference play.

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Brawling on the sidelines and making it to the national news?


In my town back in 2010 and 2011 we were ranked top 3 all year just to be bounced in the 2nd/3rd round. I was the reporter for the county paper. I had recently graduated hs. I was up at the track running 2 different summers in a row and saw our HC walking the track. I asked him about opening up the playbook. Oh we’re going to open it up he told me.

He never did!! Many feel including myself he cost us at least 1 state championship. You cannot run the offense you want. You run the offense that best fits your personnel.

He was put on probation by the UIL for his sideline tirades. He liked Texas Hold em, drinking, and was several times divorced. He even had to have in his contract he’d stop gambling.

Some folks and basically all of us are who we are and that’s the way it is. He is who he is and so are you and I.