They're officially in. 2024




B12 needs to make a move now. Like right now.


This makes me think they may have been talking before today…


Damn this and KD requesting a trade today has got me tired af.

Most eventful thursday in a while.


This feels like the first domino… I Clemson to the SEC?? Oklahoma State to the ACC … anything can happen now. Hope we have a boat in the end

B12 is standing strong anyone who leaves the B12 would be foolish to leave Imho. If offered per se ACC invite. With all the moving chess pieces going on and future TV right negotiations coming up for the B12 with the possibile incorporating of PAC leftover’s. Geographically it may make sense for WVU and UCF and Cincy to go, say if they do, and we take the leftovers of the PAC we will still come out ahead, imo.

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I would be careful joining the ACC. Its about to get pillaged.

I expect Clemson, FSU, Miami and VaTech to get SEC invites shortly.

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Looks like a bunch of school presidents and ADs are going to have to cancel their July 4th weekend plans.

We have work!


They reported earlier its been “months in the making”

And, honestly, I think a swap of UCF, WVU, and Cincy for the AZ schools and Utah would be a big upgrade. You get big names in both bball and football. The problem is those teams won’t come if we lose schools. We need to invite them first.


Agreed we all have work to do. I for one am canceling my holiday plans to monitor the message boards and comment where necessary. We all have to pull our weight.


Good…i just canceled my morning flight!


Not all heroes wear capes. You’re doing a great service for your university. We’ll probably need help monitoring Twitter. The future of the Big 12 is counting on us.

I just brewed a pot of coffee. Gonna be a long night.


I would think the other big 4 Pac teams - Stanford, Cal, UW, and Oregon are next in line to join, but then again the current Big 10 schools may not want to split their pie. Small chance for that but Big 10 has to pod some more west teams with the LA teams if the travel schedule is going to work.

That puts Big 10 at 20 teams.
SEC will get their 4 from the ACC at some point - I’d say FSU, Clem, UNC, UVA.
XII has 8 slots - Col, Utah, AZ, ASU, and 4 leftovers from ACC - I’ll pick Ga Tech, Miami, Va Tech, and NC State.

I read that article a little while ago — the guy doesn’t know some basic facts most on the board know. Don’t waste time, fluff piece.

I like having the states of Ohio and Florida included in the Big 12 banner before media negotiations.


$$$ and Ego erase all common sense

A swap? With whom? Look, we haven’t played our first game in a conference we have been pining to join since its inception and some of you are ready to bail, while others are trying to dictate what the conference does, and now you are ready to jettison two of our fellow newcomers (who were preferred to us BTW) and one existing member. IMHO, that’s an amazing amount of hutzpah. I think it is preferable to band with our new conference and with our fellow new members and expand that base as it is beneficial to the B12 as determined by the B12 presidents and commissioner. Heck, at this moment in time, I don’t even know if we have any say in any further expansion of the B12.

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