Think about the Bills. Are we watching Groundhog Day?

Don’t get me wrong Mahomes is a HOF. This is a quick observation that stood out to me. The Chiefs always appeared in control and knew that a stop late in the fourth would give them the game.
The Chiefs defense is not exceptional and did enough. But the Bills defense was nowhere to be seen. IMO after the last few years you would think their D.C. would come out with different packages. I never saw it. Ed had zero impact in the game neither did the other sack extraordinaire. That is on the D.C. i would have loved to see Ed in a Championship game. Unless the Bills address what seems clear as spring water the Chiefs own them.


Ed didn’t do crap, they did hold him a lot though it looked like, don’t worry about it lol he gets paid big bucks

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Great players grab the attention of the opposition which opens up opportunities for other’s to make plays.

That’s not my point. He was triple teamed the entire game. You would think the Bills knew this was coming.

A little hyperbolic?

He wasn’t “triple teamed the entire game”.

Had he been triple teamed all night the Bills would have had a sack party on the other side.

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Cellular companies in Buffalo were not happy with the outcome. With the growth in population, they are running out of numbers. The last new area code was added in the 90’s (044). They were hoping to add 045 this year.

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I like the Bills - behind the Texans they are one of my 2-3 favorite teams. With that said, their defense needs more talent and is just too vanilla in play-calling. Their offense needs a more consistent run game. They are basically a ~.500 type team that has an amazing QB that has some really high highs but also some marked lows game to game. They are quite the roller coaster week in and week out.

As far as Ed is concerned, he is quick and fast for a DT but my opinion is that he doesn’t have an elite move-set to be an all pro level DT. Don’t get me wrong he is very solid but in games where he gets double teamed a lot or has a really good OL blocking him, he disappears for chunks of games. I have noticed that they rarely run right at him (or to his side) so that probably plays a part in his lack of production at times.

The close ups that I saw clearly showed he was triple teamed. Maybe he was not tripled teamed the entire game but clearly the Bills D.C. got out coached…again.