Think This Serves as a Warning

For CFB, that’s why it’s posted here, for all you who think it should be in the Satellite or other sports category


Part of me wants this to happen to CFB just to see more chaos (beyond Super Conferences, TV meddling, etc.), but then I begin to wonder where that would leave us in the maelstrom of it all, and then I feel less gung-ho about it…idk

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It’s coming just a matter of time when the left outs go crying to the government


Mickelson, whose deal with LIV is reportedly worth about $200 million, has been criticized for aligning with the new league despite the Saudi government’s history of human rights abuses, including its involvement in the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. “They execute people over there for being gay. Knowing all of this, why would I even consider it?…”



Damn! The Saudis got the DOJ to investigate the PGA!

We need to get the crown prince interested in UH Football stat!

I wonder when they will ramp up oil production since the DOJ is leaning on the PGA for them now…


I wonder when the USA will up oil production !!


I think a lot of countries execute people. If anyone was serious about it then they’d freeze Saudi assets and blockade them like Iran. But we know that can’t happen. China disappears journalists by the bucket-load but we do more business with them than anyone else.

Sliding scale of morality defined by dollars, yen, and riyals.


Isn’t Iran still mad at us for executing someone not too long ago… :rofl:

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USA is upping production as fast as possible just like every other country. Many workers left the industry in the crash and much equipment was scrapped. Now there is a shortage of both, not just here but worldwide.

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I have wondered for years when some school would argue conferences are violating free trade


You said the quiet part loud :shushing_face:


Saudi Arabia is just Iran who picked our side… Change my mind.

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Don’t hi-jack the thread with pol please :pray:We get enough of that.


The OP brings up a good point. All it takes for a sea change and Boom! They could pass laws and blow this hijacking of college sports sky high.

Not saying that’s my preference.

If it could be shown that Fox and ESPN are divvying up CFB and somehow communicating with each other, that would warrant further investigation.

The conferences themselves wouldn’t be the subjects of an investigation unless they were teaming up with Fox or ESPN to kill off a conference.


That’s called collusion.

Low - Yes just a coincidence Biden is heading to Saudi Arabia !

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