Thinking ahead . . . .

Do I remember a comment about UH Basketball playing in Hawaii this coming Christmas time ? ? ? ? ?

I suspect in the years to come we are going to be very active in the elite tournaments.

I don’t know what TV ratings for various college basketball teams in this state but we have to be right at the top.


Maui Invitational

Chaminade hosts one of the most famous annual men’s early season basketball tournaments, the Maui Invitational Tournament. They are the only team that competes in the tournament that is not an NCAA Division I basketball program. However, beginning with the 2018 Tournament, the Silverswords will only appear in the tournament every other year (appearing in 2019, 2021, etc.).[6] Instead, Chaminade will play two games at tournament participant’s home arenas in years they do not participate in the tournament.[7]

In 2012, Chaminade defeated the University of Texas in the opening round of the invitational.


Washington is going to have a team next season with Stewart at center and possibly McDaniels

Let me take you back further,since I remember everything like it was yesterday. Chaminade is most famous for beating #1 Virginia and Ralph Sampson in Maui Classic prob 1981/82 or 83 season, since Sampson went to Rockets as #1 pick in 83 then Dream34 went #1 in 84.

Am I right that the Rockets could have had Jordan, Dream and Clyde?

Yes they could have! I forget why they passed up on Clyde but they could have drafted him the year before Hakeem. Not the only Houston sports team to miss out. The Astros could have and Bagwell, Biggio, and Jeter as well.

They took the forward from Louisville instead of Drexler. I can’t think of his name right now.

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Rodney McCray. Not a brilliant move, but not nearly as bad as Portland the following year who drafted Sam Bowie ahead of a guy name Jordan.


Yep. Brings back memories. Good stuff.

Hard to believe that the Rockets were so bad back then that they were able to get Sampson and Olajuwon back to back.

Year before they got Sampson they won like 14-15 gms,from what I remember. Big E came back to Houston finish his career and they weren’t trying very hard to win. Caught some flak for what many perceived to be “Tanking”. Next year they won coin flip with Portland ( way it was decided back in the day) and took Olajawon w 1st pick.

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Jordan and Dream went in the same draft, so they couldn’t have got both of them.

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This! ^

A little did you know. In 1984 the year Dream34 was drafted, another famous Coog was drafted in two Sports other than sport he participated in College. Most know he was drafted by Dallas Cowboys but also drafted by Chicago Bulls–Carl Lewis !

The idea spawns from Hakeem Olajuwon’s book “Living The Dream”, where he wrote that the Blazers offered the 1984 No. 2 overall pick and Clyde Drexler for Ralph Sampson. If this trade had gone through, the Rockets would have had Clyde Drexler on the team already and would have been able to take Olajuwon and Jordan back to back in the same draft.


The Jordan, Clyde, Dream rumor was that in 1984, Portland was willing to trade the 2nd pick of the draft and Clyde for Ralph Sampson. Rockets would have had the 1st two picks in the draft (likely Olajuwon and Jordan) and Clyde all on the same team at that point.


A literal "dream’ team if that had happened.