Third Ward shirts

I still have some if anyone here is interested. Half of the price of the shirt goes to cougar pride. S-XL are $ 14 tax included. XXL and larger are $ 15.



ditto, pic please.


ill take one in large if you have it.

Those are tight…got any 3X?

If those are the shirts, you should make a fortune.

Wow, if I can get 1 medium before the game I’m sold. Those look awesome!

I’d like an xl, how do you exchange?

I’d love a medium

Im actually soldout currently but if anybody is interested shoot me your info and we can make it happen before our next game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’ll take 2 XXLs if you’ve got them Delmar. I might have some friends that want one or two as well.

Where do we meet you?

want some . how do we do this?

been lookin for this, where you at?


:heart_eyes: WHY am I seeing this now. I would like one these M still available?

The shirt with the cougar is not the third ward shirt of which I am speaking. That is someone else’s shirt. I will try to post a picture but I am not very good at that. If you want to see the shirt I make send my an mobile phone address and I will send you a picture on your phone.


That is my shirt design

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I’d like 1 in XXL Red. Pm me if available