This confirms that Duke did not beat us

Shead just got hurt unfortunately. We knew this, the talking heads knew this, the coaches and players knew this.

Hell, everybody except Duke fans knew this.

Congrats to NC State.


Fans are going to torture themselves for a long, long time over this UH Hoop “what if”.

Before ACC Tourney, I would have liked UH w Shead big over NC State.

Might have been a “pick em” w NC State on a once in a 5 year roll into Elite 8.

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our bench had a combine 7 points. we lost by 3. There are plenty of ways to dissect this loss. FTs, losing Shead, lack of bench productivity. At the end of the day we were in the game. Three point loss isn’t that bad considering the facts. It doesnt make it any better tho. We had plenty of opportunities to over come our challenges. We just werent able to. :frowning:


Did Duke just look tired from the game vs UH?
I know it was a slugfest against us Friday night but the big guy for NC State seemed to be in better condition.

Disagree. The Duke fans sitting near me absolutely knew and had no trouble articulating it.

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DJ Burns is fun to watch. Should be an interesting matchup between him and Edey next Saturday.

But I am confident we would have frustrated the heck out of him with our double-teams and traps. A healthy Shead puts us in the Final Four.


Yeah. I was at a bar after the game with a bunch of Duke fans celebrating and they all came over apologizing and saying, “Y’all beat us comfortably if Shead doesn’t get injured.”


We were about to go up 8 when Shead got hurt….i 100% believe we go on to beat Duke by double digits and the rout NCst.


Not so sure abt the " rout " NCST part. At that point in Tourney throw the records out the window. Wolfpack are playing very well & have earned their Ticket to the Final Four. Burns is very skilled in the low post. Jmo.

Edit: they have now won 9 straight elimination gms where they’re season would have been over, had they not won the present game at hand.

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