This headline is more like it 😀


We probably will never see that again in our lifetime, unless it is a playoff in football or March madness, im enjoying the heck out of it


That’s ok, we own them 34-32 all time. They quit as losers.


UH and ut could meet up in the conference tournament in March.


Im hoping to beat them 2 more times this season.


I would love that. UT does not match up well with UH. I think UH is in UT’s head also.


Pff. If it werent for that TOTAL BS of a spot on the football field, the gridiron Coogs could’ve won it as well. :grimacing:

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Yeah, but I was more on the thought of years to come, but yes maybe we can give them another ass kicking this year

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What I like the most about that headline is that it’s short, sweet and to the point.

Brevity is the soul of wit :grinning: IOW

Another thing I like about it is that no one could argue the point otherwise — since I really don’t like arguing :sunglasses:

One more:


I really like this style of bracket where the top teams are rewarded for their performance in conference play.

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Get yourselves some nice glass frames for those clippings.

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You guys are real homers.

Don’t y’all know “the refs gave us the game.”


“UH is too undisciplined , they’ll go out early”

A couple of the really intelligent UT fans dropped those little gems.

Yep, sour grapes from the T-sips.

True. Cows bragged about every game they won, except this one–they knew damm well they were lucky to get out of here with a w, but isn’t that what your refs are supposed to do?

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Amongst all that dope?


I’m ok with that loss it got rid of you know who. He won that game he be here saying the same shiggity he always says the " B12 is hard."

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