This is doing a lot of damage to our program

Eric… I think you’re younger and you have great spirit and you’re exactly the fan we need. However… it’s very bad what’s happening. Talked to many long time die hards today and they all said the same thing that I am feeling… no patience for this especially when the conditions for success were already in place.

If something very clear does not happen, and if we don’t finish strong, the season ticket sales are going to PLUMMET. Already the lost revenue for the rest of the season will eclipse any buyout.

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Herman is not being blown out in second halves. Herman is not losing to pathetic 1-4 teams. Herman has issues, but no way we blow two back to back games like this under Herman.


If they’re “die hards” and their support for the program is waning in what is still a winning season, well…some die hards they are.


We got destroyed by SMU and beat down by Navy in a 3 game span. A couple bounces dont go our way against Tulsa last year and there would have been 3 straight losses. Perhaps you also forgot about being down 24-3 in the 3rd quarter in that next game at home against UCF, only for some Greg Ward magic to get us that win. If we didn’t have Ward last year, we would have been 6-6. Herman only did a good job coaching in 2 games.


Herman is failing at Texas with top talent.

Last year, we lost a lot of games against teams we were better than. We had an all-world QB then and several key defensive players. This year, we don’t have an elite QB and are learning at key positions. The only thing wrong with UH right now is are apathetic fan base, made worse by the boo birds that come out to call for firings of coaches who haven’t even had a full season to evaluate. It’s stupid. Why would anyone want to coach here?


Last year we were 4th place in the West division of the AAC…we lost of some very good players and coaches. It should have been expected that the season could go like this…

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I think you a misinterpreting what he is saying. I am a diehard fan and I have no patience for this. It doesn’t mean I will not be there for ECU and Navy. I will be. But it should be unacceptable not to be able to put a very good team every year when you sit in one of the hottest recruiting regions in the nation. And I agree with Pray10. We should not be a place to learn. We did not invest all the million dollars in facilities to hire people who are learning on the job.

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What Herman has is Todd Orlando !!

UH could have had him

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Exactly! There were signs last year. The offense would sputter and the D would give up huge passing plays. Then you’d have a game like UL and wonder how UH ever lost.

It can never be understated how good Ward was.

I’d love him back as DC, but no sign he would have been a sure fire good HC. Not that big of a recruiter and not the strongest ties to get high level coordinators. I’m sure he will get his chance soon so we will see. Defense is the only positive at UT right now (and the punter, lol).

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Failing? He is starting a true freshman quarterback and has been in every game Texas has played. They could very easily be 6-1 right now. With Baylor, Kansas and Tech along with TCU I could see them finishing with six wins…

My thoughts are we are a S&C and Uber athlete qb away from a 10 win season.


6 wins at Texas making 5.5 million dollars a year gets you fired.


AD has nothing to do with scheduling the bye week. That’s the conference.

Well they put up with Strong’s sub .500 seasons before firing him…and if he could have beaten TCU most believe he would have stayed…

Just curious if those that think this year is damaging the program also believe this year is damaging UT’s program?

Considering they went 5-7 last year with a horrible loss to this Kansas. This season will likely have a similar W/L record. It may not be damaging the program but it may not be enhancing it

Meanwhile we went 9-3 last season with wins over 2 top 10 teams. This season there is a possibility we end up with a losing record. So definitely damaging to the program

Big difference there

This reminds me a lot of when people were saying Levine set our program back a decade.


somehow we beat Arizona and SMU!

The Levine era did more than that. IF that 3 year stench had been more like the Herman stretch the B12 debacle would not have happened IMO.