This is incredible

Playboy model

Raider cheerleader

Baywatch & Married w Children actress

Wait… actually??

Talk about going through it, she’s insane…


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The crazy is real folks.


it’s all that silicone that does it.

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She didn’t even have her face panties on when she was complaining about him.



She wasn’t really mad about the mask. That’s just what she found to attack after the initial confrontation.

That was an unnecessary analogy. My point is this was a crazy person that said something crazy and got called out on it. She then started talking about masks but very clear she didn’t really care about them.

There was more to the story here than that. People jump to the conclusion of what happened based on the headline and the video of the end of the confrontation.


What started it?

Snow flake…Karen…triggered…all fit this nut

Is that her?

Man, she was smokin’ back in the day, although, all five of this photos don’t look like the same woman.

She’s 51 now so decades since the 80s.


I’m living the reverse. People are nice here, but not as welcoming as Texas.

On the spectrum of Nice vs Kind, Southern Californians are nice. They say hello, they’re extremely flakey and reliability is a problem. When I was in the NYC area, it was the opposite: people were direct, but kind. If I needed help, they’d literally grab my phone and put in the real directions of where I needed to go. They might be swearing during it, but I was sent on my way better than I started. I prefer the NYC style compared to LA.

Spot on for the New York part.

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