This is the coach we need!

I’m going to make this thread so I don’t have to make multiple posts in individual threads about this. This is the coach we should be focusing on if we fire Dana.

NO RETREADS, NO UNPROVEN COACHES! We need someone with fire and skill this guy meets everything and more!

Ladies and gentlemen may I present Brian Hartline!!!’d,t%20have%20as%20much%20interest .

“I was, and remain, skeptical of Hartline getting the promotion to OC at Ohio State but he’d be a home run for Northwestern. However, the job would not be good for Hartline. He’s an elite recruiter and won’t want to take a job where recruiting top players is this difficult. Hartline’s close to getting a good head coaching job, he won’t take this project while being so close to a better job.” - July 2023

Excellent recruiter, extremely hungry to win, and is a considered and offensive genius.

And he has made it clear he wants to be in the NFL one day but he wants a national championship first!


But…but…but he won’t stay here 20 years.


If he stays until he at least wins a championship that’s more than enough. And if he is able to win one he wouldn’t leave unless it was the NFL.

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Im in.


Let’s do it. Can we print this out, get a coogfans signature on it and send it to the office of Renu?


Renu signs on what Tilman wants him to sign on. Tilman writes the checks. We would never have been in the position to hire DH without Tilman. That is why Tilman needs to make a move.


And I’m going to keep liking your multiple posts. Now send them an email. :e-mail: Oh wait, Pez doesn’t respond.


I am good with coaches that want to come here, win and leave. I rather have that than this sht show of a coach we have.


He has zero connection with Texas/OK/L.A. and FL. Remember that judas benefited from Levine’s recruits.


Who has zero connections? Definitely not Hartline. You don’t earn the respect he has on the recruiting trail with no connections. Herman also gave us our best class in decades and recruited Oliver.

Ed Olivers brother being on the team had more to do with it


Fair but that doesn’t change the fact that was a bad take by 92010 Coogs.

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I like this humor.

Not everyone can have a Kirk Ferentz, 200 wins earned yesterday BTW. Good quality win over a rival, too.

I do agree 10000% that if we go elsewhere please no retreads or has beens. I like the Hartline idea plus someone younger would more than likely bring energy that an older coach wouldnt.

also you recruit at times based on proximity and region so cant hold that against him

How is mack brown doing at North Carolina? Yup.

I agree with the assessment re: The Wildcats. NU definitely on the lookout for a coach, and a guy with B1G Ten chips would be high on the list.

But man, it would be pretty awesome if UH made a play for someone like this. The last The Ohio State coordinator we hired did win a healthy amount. But like other successful UH coaches since the BY era (Pardee, Briles, Sumlin), he road a QB’s coattails to green pastures.

First, find a good candidate that has a vision to “build a program”. Second, grade him by his QB recruiting/transfer portal decisions once hired. UH is in the P4 until the next big round of media contracts, so also look for someone who can build quickly and win a surprising number of games in season 1 (culture wins) then build on that annually. You know … the dream candidate. :sunglasses:

Isn’t Mack Brown doing pretty bad? I mean everything I have seen about him since he has been there is he has not lived up to expectations and is pretty mediocre.

To be fair his recruiting ability means I’m not very worried that he could get a good QB. I can’t see a guy with his recruiting forte struggling to find a good QB.

9-5 last season for a Basketball school. Ask Tar Heels fans about mack brown. They can answer that question better than anyone else.

They don’t like him… and want him gone.