This is UH’s last chance

I’m willing to bet if we get picked up by the ACC or any other Power5 conference it would put a big hurt on both UT and A&M. Once UH gets the same access to recruits, money, and exposure there is no way those Bonghorns and Ags can say the Houston market belong to them. It may split in 3 or more ways, but UH would get the biggest slice of that Houston pie!

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Last night I wasted several hours scouring other team’s websites (besides UT, OU, and TAMU), attempting to gather opinions on the second and third order effects of OU and Texas entering the transfer portal. I didn’t see too many mentions of UH regarding a landing spot in a weakened B12 or an expanded PAC12/ACC. Besides the reality setting in of the B12 becoming a G5 conference without the Sooners and Longhorns and the realization that Baylor, Tech, Okie Lite, and TCU will need a new home, BYU, UCF, Memphis, and Cincy (even Boise St for the PAC12 consideration) seem to be the sought after programs for expansion and realignment.

It is worrisome that UH doesn’t seem to be in most conversations at this point. However, I’m cautiously optimistic that Dr. Khator, Pez, and Tillman are working the phones and developing a plan to ensure UH football maintains or strengthens its conference affiliation. As far as the AAC presenting a unified front, unfortunately, I think it will be every man for himself. I agree with the discussion topic, this is most likely UH’s final and best opportunity to raise the profile of the FB program.

Except for hoops and maybe track I doubt we are even close to being a recruiting threat to agy or whorn. The difference in Texas and Agy alums who live in Houston is that many actually support their school and attend games in Austin and College Stadium…
With those two schools in the same conference they will dominate our market…


UH isn’t a threat to A&M or UT in our current form in our current conference. Add us to any Power 5 conference and we instantly become one.

Same argument with the playoff expansion, people saying “there aren’t even 12 good schools who can compete for a championship”. Thats true, today. Expand to 12 teams and in a few years, the playing field will be much, much more level.


I agree we will be FCS type status if we don’t make it, every one needs to email Dr Khator, we HAVE to get in, I’m really worried

We will be fine. We already know how to sing for our supper. Tech and Baylor will get a dose of reality.


Baylor just won the National Championship in basketball we will see

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Rather stay in the current AAC or newly downgraded B12 over PAC?

Bigger question is can the PAC maintain its Power status or is it just going to be a Power 3

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I think the AAC is better than the Pac as a whole, as is.

Im going to hold to see what actually happens with realignment to see what is best for us, but right now I would not want to join the Pac.

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We just went to the final four from the AAC. It is really hard to have money then lose it. It is really hard to have a certain status and lose it.

We will see how Tech and Baylor do. TCU should be fine, they know what its like to be us.


With OU and TU running off I can’t see the Big 12 staying P5. But the combination of the leftovers and perhaps a few from the AAC could make it at least interesting.

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Definitely. It is a time for best of the AAC, Mountain West, BYU to join the left over Big 12 schools.

It is decent to good football and arguably the best basketball conference in the country.


Email RK at


I sent her an email yesterday so please email her as well

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They might lose ground to the Power 3 but they would definitely be in the middle of the large gap between the P3 and the “The Rest”. With high profile legacy programs like USC, UCLA and Stanford etc, their really great conference basketball, legit Olympic sports, football will get better they would have enough mojo to make it the P3+1. If they go to 16 (which I think they will to get access to the central time zone) they will have the most spots to give which helps our chances and why I prefer them.


From an athletic & revenue standpoint, the PAC is the best realistic option.

I’m worried about the growing cultural and political gulfs between California and Texas. California legislature has and will continue to ban state funded travel to places it is ideologically opposed to (like Texas). I would hate for UH athletics to be negatively impacted and held hostage due to California policies. Also, I don’t want Texas to be handcuffed legislatively due to California athletic threats.

what exactly are you emailing her? is the thought that they are just waiting around to see what the pulse of UH alum are before trying to get into one of these conferences? lol


I too am curious about what this email should read

Dr. Khator,

I’m sure you’ve seen the news about Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC. As a load season ticket holder, I think we should do something like too, it would be really good for us to get some of that sweet cheddar. While failing to get to a major conference will almost assuredly be regarded as a bad thing. These are just a few of my brilliant musings, my contact information is below if you’d like to bring me on during this challenging time.

Season ticket holder and brilliant insighter 1985coog


this is not UH’s last chance but it is pretty d### close to it.