This is UH’s last chance

This thread isn’t about UT or OU, this is about UH.

In the fallout of this move - if it does occur - all the other major conferences will move to 16. They will have to.


ACC needs two, and one of them will probably be Notre Dame.

Big 10 needs two.

PAC 12 needs four.

For me, this is the last chance for UH to get back to the table to play big time football. If it doesn’t happen now, I think it is over.


Nothing we can do about that as fans.

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The ACC will most likely add an East Coast school.

The Big 10 will almost assuredly add Kansas and Iowa St because of their academic profile.

The PAC 12 is our only hope in my opinion.

Why would they add Iowa State? Doing that would be like adding Kansas State with Kansas. I could see Kansas getting an invite, but I wouldn’t bet on that or the Big 10 going to 16. If they decide to go that route, I think they’d be more likely to woo a couple of schools from the ACC—UNC and UVA. Those two states have about 20 million people (Kansas has roughly 3 million), and both universities are AAU and among the top public universities in the country.


Still a lot of unknowns

  1. Does Texas have the necessary 11 votes to get in. You can count on Mizzou, A&M and Arkansas voting no. That means getting one more school (LSU or Florida voting no) and it is a no go.
  2. What if the SEC looks east? Do they go after North Carolina and (fill in the blank).
  3. What is Notre Dame going to do? The world has changed since Knute Rockne.
  4. Is this just Texas and OU’s coming out party and they will pick from the best offer from The Big 10, PAC 12 or the SEC.

Something is about to happen, who knows what. Reading the Athletic there was one comment that struck me which is Texas was taken back by the networks not wanting to extend The Big 12’s TV contract prior to its maturity.

Y’all think the other UT wants them in… I highly doubt it. I doubt USC would want to add either… Just makes it tougher for both of those schools to make the CFP.

Mizzou might get pissed about UT being added to the SEC and bolt for the B1G, together with Kansas.

As I’ve said before, both are AAU schools, state flagships, and adjacent to the B1G’s existing geographic footprint.

Iowa State is within the footprint as well and is an AAU school, so it can’t be ruled out, but I think Kansas and Mizzou are more likely.

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If OU and UT bolt to the SEC, then I agree PAC is our only shot. BIG and ACC aren’t calling us with Big 12 remnants and the other top AAC teams out there. Based on the schools they will have to choose from I put our chances at 50/50 we get a call and that is IF they decide to expand- they have always operated a little different out there and may decide they aren’t expanding. Too bad we haven’t been winning in football lately but luckily I think that matters less to PAC than other factors such as: large public university in huge city in the state of Texas, research, pharmacy school, law school, now medical school, good basketball.


It’s great that our basketball is where it is and quite a shame football is where it is. I’m sure most conferences recognize the potential, but it’s a way easier argument when we’ve already reached the potential. Basketball where it is and if football was where more where UCF is, we would be the prized peach. Higher than many of the remnants of big12


I may be wrong on many levels, but I feel that our best fit is with the ACC. They have several schools that are similar to us in profile, city schools with a good balance of academics and sports, ie, Miami, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Louisville. I believe we can fit well alongside those schools. Academically, we are more like a Louisville, but with a lot more potential.

The Pac12 like it could work. I’ve seen it posted here before, but creating a central time zone pod could make things pretty interesting. Something like a Tech, SMU/TCU, UH, Okie State group, I don’t know.

I sure hope Dr. K is making some moves right now. This is really our last chance to make something.


I really, REALLY do not want us to end up in the Pac.

Outside of hoops and maybe track what do we bring to the table for any big conference?
I don’t think anything from Texas is a good fit for the PAC, but I doubt anyone would turn them down

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The BIG has no interest in ISU. and Missouri’s profile has plummeted since it joined the SEC (not due to that), I am not sure the BIG even wants them.

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So OU and UT are quitting on their conference…

Mizzou is a wrestling powerhouse. As it currently stands, they have to compete in the MAC for that sport, as the SEC is the only power conference that doesn’t sponsor wrestling.

In the B1G, wrestling is BIG.

It’s a natural match.

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The BIG isn’t adding Missouri to help the SEC get UT/OU, especially not for wrestling. Nothing is impossible but the odds of Missouri switching to the BIG are almost zero.

Kansas has a population of 6 million.

the opportunity to get into texas cable contracts and recruiting territory

some analysis. doesnt include us, but interesting nonetheless

Red River Realignment: Texas and Oklahoma Talk to the SEC – FRANK THE TANK’S SLANT

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but, what if we NEED to be in the PAC?